Prestat Stockings & Baubles*


Ok, so I don’t think there is anything better than waking up to find a gift from Prestat under the tree, and their most seasonal of gifts has to be their Stockings and Baubles Gift.


Packaged in an absolutely stunning Prestat Jute bag, which would make the most darling little lunch bag, and it’s absolutely chocolate-a-block (pun intended) with gorgeous little treasures which are perfect for Christmas.


All the boxes can be hung on the Christmas tree, and they are just the cutest thing imaginable. Then, once you crack them open, there are the most divine little truffles inside!


The Snowman Baubles is filled with coconut truffles. Dusted in coconut, and filled with a rich creamy centre, these are the very best snowballs you can imagine!

fullsizeoutput_c5fIf you prefer something a little more chocolate-y, the Santa Bauble is filled with milk chocolate truffles. These are a crisp outer shell with an almost gooey chocolate centre. I love one of these along with a good cup of coffee – super decadent, and very delicious!


The stocking of Praline Truffles is just a dream. The truffles inside have crispy outer shells, which dissolve into a chocolate-nut heaven. Again, these are a must-have little treat with a well made espresso!


Last up are the Sea Salt Caramel Truffles, which are the absolute definition of indulgence. A dark outer shell holds the most perfect, gooey salted caramel centre. These are an absolute joy of a treat!

Prostate Baubles and Stockings is priced at £35 and is available here


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