Put Personality Into Your Wedding With Small Touches That Matter

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Your wedding is sure to be one of the best days of your life. What’s better than a day when all your loved ones come together to see you marry? The day is sure to be a hit, no matter what planning choices you make. Inserting yourself into the day promises to make it even more special. It’s a day of your creation, so put as much of yourself into it as possible. It’s those personal touches that people will remember when they look back on the day. It’s also those personal touches that will make your wedding unique to you. You can get as creative as you want with your plans, so remember to have fun. The sky is your wedding planning limit. Here are a few ideas about how to inject the most of you and your partner into proceedings.




There’s nothing wrong with a traditional wedding, but a themed wedding is sure to stick in everyone’s memories. Themed weddings offer the chance to fill your favorite day with your favorite things. If you’re lucky, you and your partner have the same tastes. If there’s a particular film, book or hobby you both have in common, why not insert it into your day? If you’re fans of space movies, why not have a space-themed wedding? Decorate the wedding room in dark blue cloth and put stars on there. Have space themed table decorations or even space-themed food! If you both love reading, you could get bookish with decorations. It’s not just the decorations you can get creative with, either. If you’re both passionate about theater, you could look for theaters that host weddings! Wrap your day with everything that makes you both happy.


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Writing your vows may seem like a job you don’t have time for, but you’ll be glad you did it. Even if you’re not usually a writer, it’s worth trying to put your love into words. If you’re stuck for ideas, take some inspiration from examples online. This is the perfect chance for you and your partner to express exactly how you feel about each other. Don’t pass up this opportunity just because you’re nervous. No one’s going to laugh at your vows if they come from the heart. You don’t need to write an essay, either. Just a few lines about your love for each other is all that’s needed. Handwritten Vows add a touch of romance to the day you can’t beat. They’re sure to melt the hearts of everybody present.


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We’ve already touched on personalizing the decorations for a themed wedding. You can still get creative with decorations if you haven’t chosen a theme. There are many ways you can insert your personalities into your decorations. You could get your favorite picture of you printed and hung in the dining room. You could get a personalized carpet printed to go down the aisle. Why not get a carpet that chronicles you and your partner’s relationship? If you’ve gone down the personal vow route, you could get your vows printed and hung behind the two of you. There are so many options for personalized decorations, and you can have a lot of fun with them. It’s even possible to get your own labels printed off to go on bottles of wine or beer. That way, all your guests will be able to admire you as they drink!


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Getting personal with place settings is another excellent way to add that special touch. The larger your wedding is, the harder this will be. If your wedding isn’t huge, make an extra effort on each place setting to ensure it’s unique to that guest. Why not set each place with a Polaroid picture of each guest? If you want to break the ice on each table, pick the funniest pictures you can find of each person! Or, you could match your place cards to your wedding invites using wedding stationery from Paper Themes or somewhere similar. The continuity is a nice touch, and you could keep things personal by writing a small note for each person. Write about your favorite memory for each guest. This touch will make your guests feel treasured and will give them something to remember the day by. Your wedding is a day for love after all. Why not spread that love to the guests as well?


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Taking steps to make the children happy is another thing worth turning attention to. The kids and parents are sure to appreciate any little efforts you make to keep the children amused. Again, personalize your additions to each child. It’s worth buying coloring books and pencils to keep them entertained through the speeches. Customize these coloring books to each child to ensure they’re entertained for longer. If there’s a little boy who loves football, get him a football themed coloring book. If a little girl attending loves animals, get her some pet themed coloring. This extra touch will ensure their happiness. There are things you can do to make the evening a little more enjoyable for the kids too. Setting up a sweet table is always sure to go down well. It’s not just the kids that’ll enjoy this addition either! Order some sweets in bulk and present them in a pick ‘n’ mix style. You could even stock up on sweet scoops and some paper bags. The kids are sure to congregate around that table all night. Just ensure their parents are okay with them eating sweets! If you want to ensure the children’s happiness, look into hiring childcare and setting up their own disco. That way, the parents are free to enjoy themselves, and the kids are sure to have a lot of fun.


Don’t hesitate to insert yourself into your day to make it special. These aren’t the only ways you can make your wedding unique to you and your partner. Do a little research to get even more fantastic ideas!



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