The Essential Guide To Looking Your Best In The Colder Months

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The cold, dry weather of winter can really take its toll on your looks, and all the partying that comes along with Christmas doesn’t help either. It’s important that we really step up our pampering regime when the weather gets like this, in order to look our best throughout the cold months. After all, when January comes around, we don’t want to regret anything. Here’s how you can take the best care of your looks throughout the colder months.



The cold weather really dries your locks out, and heaven forbid you go outside with without drying your hair! If you want to avoid dry, lifeless hair, step up the intensity with moisturizing conditioner and hair masks. Basically, the idea is to replace all the moisture your hair loses to the weather. Try to avoid using heated styling devices too much as well, as this can worsen the effect of bad weather. It’s best to try to avoid washing your hair too often – every two to three days at the most – as the natural oils from your scalp help to protect your hair and keep it moisturized.


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As with hair, your skin will dry out like mad in the winter months, especially as you’re going from cold, dry air outside to warm, moist air inside. It’s all about keeping it moisturized, so go for a heavier lotion to what you would use in summer, and an oil or serum for night time will ensure you wake up with soft and supple skin. Try to keep to natural skincare products, as you can find your skin gets more sensitive in winter.



Stick to a minimalist look – the bold colors and bright lips of summer look a bit garish in winter. Natural colors on the face and eye can look amazing with a dark lip for winter, particularly when you want to make a statement. Keep your brows natural but defined to frame your face – especially important when you don’t have a tan.


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Dress for the season

It’s all about layers. They offer comfort and style in a way that bulky, winter clothes just can’t. The brilliant thing about this season is that we can totally pull off mismatched colors and patterns, and a bold statement scarf or hat can really make an impression.


Look after your body

Don’t let the excuse of Christmas and the cold weather get in the way of looking your best. Keep your exercise regime up – this is especially important when your body wants to hibernate for the winter, as all it wants to do is pile on the fat to keep you warm. So make sure you’re eating as well as you can as well, and drink eight cups of water a day. You’ll thank yourself for it in January.


Looking good in winter is all about staying moisturized, hydrated, and trying to avoid filling up on comfort food, even when your body is begging you for it. Just remember, it’s only a few months until summer now!



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