Fall Even Deeper In Love! How To Have An Engaging Engagement

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Congratulations! You’re engaged.


…Now what?


Sometimes after a huge life event, you feel a little let down, no matter how wonderful it was. Sometimes the day after your birthday or Christmas is a little anticlimactic – and likewise, being engaged isn’t always as great as it’s made out to be – it’s not all checking out Tacori wedding rings and romance! Not only is it stressful with all the wedding planning you have to do, but you’ll be finally facing up to the reality of spending your whole lives together – and that can be very daunting. Here are some tips on how to enjoy your engagement…

Keep Communicating


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It’s absolutely crucial that through your engagement you keep talking to each other. If you feel like there’s more pressure on the pair of you and on your relationship than there was before, you might find yourself arguing more often. Obviously, this isn’t a relationship trait that you want to carry on into married life! If you’re having this issue, you could consider trying out couples’ counselling so you can find more productive ways to communicate with each other. When you’re talking to your partner, remember to use phrases like ‘I feel that’ and ‘I think’ instead of ‘You make me’ – they’re less accusing and will facilitate discussion instead of making your partner feel defensive about something he may or may not have intended to do. Keep talking to each other, keep sharing your hopes, dreams, worries and love, and you’ll end up with an engagement and marriage just as healthy and happy as your relationship always was.

Get Organized


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One of the biggest stressors during your engagement is planning the wedding itself. If you’re not naturally organised, it can be very tough to get it together enough to plan an entire wedding in a matter of months or years. It’s important to stay organised from the beginning – your spreadsheet is your bible. Make a list of your guests, and tick it off when you’ve sent each invitation and each RSVP, and make a list of everything you need to do and how much you’ve paid for each part of your wedding, along with any deadlines for bookings or further payments. Don’t trust that you’ll remember everything – make notes of all the wedding information. Also make sure that your partner gets involved. He may not be into all the talk about flowers and decorations, but he might be more into choosing food and making a wedding playlist. You’ll probably also find that he’s extremely interested in going wedding cake tasting with you!

Spend Time Together


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Remember that not everything should be about your upcoming wedding. Take plenty of time off from planning, and go out to dinner together, banning all talk of your wedding at the table. Make sure you relax at home together and watch movies together, and remind your friends that you’re more than your wedding and that you want to talk about other things too. You could even go on a pre-wedding vacation. Not only can you work on your tans so you have glowing golden skin for your wedding day, but a few days of quiet reflection in each other’s company will reaffirm your love for each other so you’re raring to go on the big day.



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