Think The Perfect ‘No Stress’ Holiday Can’t Be Yours? Think Again!

Let’s face it: no one ever goes on holiday to become stressed or tired. Getaways are the perfect chance for busy working women to finally relax, recharge and enjoy some much needed ‘me time’. But unfortunately, the reality of travelling can sometimes put a spanner in the works, and the dreamy vacation comes to an abrupt halt. A less than comfortable flight, getting lost in a new city and accommodation that looks NOTHING like it did on the website can all add up to a pretty miserable trip. When you spend all your time working and saving money for a fancy, relaxing trip, this can be pretty disheartening. So, when you know you deserve a bit of luxury, just how do you ensure that you get it?

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Upgrade your flight

Think about the last budget flight you went on and how it was. For many people it’s a doddle – after all, if you’re only hopping across the North Sea to Amsterdam, it’s pretty easy to sit in a chair with minimal leg room and a lumpy back. But if you are taking a medium to long haul flight, you might want to think again. Could you really put up with being uncomfortable for over four hours – sometimes up to twelve? For most of us, the answer is probably no. Therefore, if you want to get your holiday off to the luxurious start it deserves, you might want to consider upgrading to either first class or business class. You may even be upgraded by the airline itself if the conditions are right. If you fancy trying your luck, there are a few ways you can maximise the chances of this happening. Being loyal to your airline, dressing fancy or being very early for the flight can all occasionally result in getting upgraded free of charge.

Have a plan of action once you land

Landing in a strange city, whether you are abroad or not, can always be a bit daunting. As is the nature of airports, you are likely to be quite far out of the city centre. Getting there poses a lot of potential issues, especially if you don’t speak the local language. The last thing you want is to end up lost with all your luggage – as this also puts you at the mercy of local criminals. For a stress-free journey to your accommodation, simply make use of the local chauffeur services.


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Book your accommodation based on reviews

Turning up to your accommodation and finding it less than satisfactory is every holiday maker’s worst nightmare. But sadly, it is something that happens far too often. Many scam companies are experts in reeling in unsuspecting tourists with glossy websites showcasing a beautiful hotel or villa – when in reality, the property is nothing of the sort. Be vigilant when booking – if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Plus, swear by review websites such as Tripadvisor. Finding out what other travellers have to say on a potential hotel can make or break your decision to go there, so make use of this valuable resource.


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