Bioderma Hydrabio H2O*

Over the past few weeks I’ve been lucky enough to spend a couple of nights away truly relaxing. There are reviews all lined up of course, but heading from hotel to hotel without carting a bunch of luggage meant I had to scale down my everyday products to something approaching manageable. It was pretty easy to throw in one foundation, one mascara etc, but where is got a little more complicated was when I got to skincare. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have an intensive cleansing regime. I need a foaming cleanser, an eye makeup remover, micellar water and cleanser, so obviously, carting all those bottles around would be more than tedious. So, when I found out Bioderma had a travel-sized bottle of their famous Hydrabio H2O, I had to get my hands on it!

Bioderma’s Hydrabio H2O is one of the original micellar waters, and it’s definitely among the best. You can use it on a cotton pad to take off all your makeup (even mascara and liners) without pulling or tugging on skin, and it never leaves my skin feeling weirdly greasy or oily. Instead, it just seems to erase makeup completely. I tend to rely on it in the evenings to make sure I’m not going to bed with any of the day’s gunk left on my face. It’s gentle enough that it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin, or dry it out either. It’s just a really fabulous cleanser!

Bioderma Hydrabio H2O is priced from £5.10 and is available here (UK) and here (US)


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