MoroccanOil Blow Dry Concentrate*

As someone who blow dries their hair on a daily basis, you’d think I’d be a bit better at it by now. But no matter what, I’ve never been able to really pull off that salon-fresh look. I wrestle with round brushes, boar bristle brushes, the lot, but I never get the smooth and shiny effect I’m really after, until I got my hands on MorrocanOil’s Blow-Dry Concentrate.

When I say that the Blow-Dry Concentrate is a game changer, I’m not exaggerating. It’s done what brushes, straighteners and countless serums have failed, and smoothed my hair in a manner which nothing else really has done before. It’s designed for very coarse and unruly hair, and although mine isn’t too thick or too out of control, it has a propensity for frizzing at the smallest sign of heat, humidity or moisture, so the concentrate sounded perfect.

The Blow-Dry concentrate comes packaged in a sturdy pump-top glass bottle, which means using the product could not be easier. When I come out the shower and squeeze out the excess water from my ends, I use about less than a quarter of a pump of the Concentrate, and apply it to my ends. The concentrate itself is quite thick and viscus, so anything more would leave my hair overwhelmed.

So, using the tiniest amount allows the Concentrate to smooth into hair, and then I blow it dry as usual. The difference that the Blow Dry Concentrate makes to hair is insane. Even just using a blow dryer, my hair is softer and smoother, but once I seal everything with the straighteners – it’s where the magic happens! My hair feels silky and thicker than usual, and it’s shinier than normal too! No matter what I get up to during the day, my hair stays looking pretty much exactly the same – it’s magical! I’ve tested this on rainy days, gym days and those hideous hot and sticky days, and the Blow-Dry Concentrate wins every time.

In the run-up to summer, this needs to be in your hair kit!

MoroccanOil Blow-Dry Concentrate is priced at £17.35 and is available here (UK) and here (US)


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