Dr Russo Sun Protective Day Cleanser Sunscreen*


Even though I live in Scotland, I’m all about preventing sun damage. It’s not always been the case – when I was younger I carried out summer experiments (not applying sunscreen until I could feel burning, not applying sunscreen after being in the water – you get the gist) which left me at best, a little pink and at worst, with sun stroke and blisters.

fullsizeoutput_12e0Happily, I’ve left my little experiments in the past, and now I’m as careful as possible as I can be with my skin. It can be hard though, to keep track of the products I use on a daily basis (there are a few after all) so when there is a chance to simplify down, I’m all about it! Happily Dr Russo obviously feels the same, and has released possibly the most genius product yet – a daily cleanser which leaves behind SPF 30.


It feels like magic, but actually the cleanser is all down to science. All you need to do is wash your face in the morning like usual, and then the formula leaves positively-charged capsules that sit on the top layer of skin. Because skin is negatively-charged, Dr Russo says the remaining product rests on the outermost layer of skin instead of absorbing deeper. According to him, this makes it less likely that those with sensitive skin (i.e. me) will have an adverse reaction, and he’s right. It feels weightless on the skin, and I can apply my skincare as usual. It’s a fabulous option for summer, and it means you have one less thing to worry about!

Dr. Russo Sun Protective Day Cleanser is priced at £48 and is available here (UK) and here (US)


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