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Last week I played hooky from work (kind of) and headed down to Harvey Nichols to get my brows threaded by British Brow Guru Shavata. When I say the appointment was overdue, I’m not exaggerating for impact, or talking about a few stray hairs – I hadn’t touched my brows in a good two months leading up to the appointment, and they were ready for her to work her magic. A few minutes and a couple of feet of thread later I looked like new woman – sleek arches where I’d been a furry mess. It was the perfect time to give YSL Beauty’s Brow Wardrobe a whirl!


Comprising of everything you need for the perfect arches – YSL offer a range of products which suit every brow and situation. I tend to pick and choose products depending on how quickly I want to get out the door. My most-used has to be the Couture Brow Palette* (£35).


A chic gold compact containing three buttery ashy-blonde shades as well as dinky little tweezers and a brow brush, this is the no-fail, starter pack which every beauty stash needs. Available in 2 shades (mine is 1 Light Brown, whilst 2 is Dark Brown) these powders are soft enough to blend into your own bespoke shade – I particularly like focuses the lighter colours to the start of my brows, with the darkest shade in the arch and tail.


All three shades are ashy enough in tone to look natural yet still groomed – and they’re staying power is insane. In the interests of fairness, I gave these a whirl applied only with the provided brush, and left off my regular brow gel. The colour applied smoothly and evenly and it lasted all day long without fading or smudging. The shades can also be used as a shadow if you’re after a cute monochromatic look.


The Eyebrow Pencil (£21) is probably the quickest in the lineup to use, and it’s pretty much impossible to go wrong with it.


Prior to starting out, I brush my brows up, then, working from the start of my brows, I fill them in, using short strokes to fake extra hairs. There are four shades to choose from – mine, 04 Ash is the lightest, but they have two browns and a near black for those wishing for a bolder look.


When I say that the Eyebrow pencil has the perfect texture, I’m not exaggerating. Easy to sharpen with a perfect colour payoff, the formula is firm enough to fake natural looking brows. Then, once I’ve drawn everything in, I brush through my brows again to soften everything up. Ordinarily, I then finish with a lick of brow gel, but even without, the pencil keeps brows looking groomed all day long without smudging or fading.


Perhaps the most unusual of the lineup is the YSL Couture Brow Marker (£21). Resembling perhaps the glitziest of highlighters (stationery, not makeup) the Brow Marker is like nothing I’ve ever used before.


After brushing my brows up, I then just draw light feathery strokes with the Marker. It’s surprisingly easy to use – a few quick strokes fakes model-worthy brows, and once this is on it will.not.move. If you’re looking for a product which is as quick to use as it is effective, this one is for you.


Last up, but certainly not least is the YSL Couture Brow Gel (£22). Available in two shades, the Brow Gel can be used as a lightweight tint, or as a kind of hairspray to keep everything in place.


What I love about the Brow Gel is how much product you get – the tube is about the size of a mascara tube, and you get a dinky little spoolie to use too! It’s fabulous at keeping unruly brows in check, and it never leaves behind crispy brow hairs. At the weekend I usually just brush a little of the gel rather than using a whole range of products.

What are your favourite products?



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