Odacite B1+C Black Cumin + Cajeput Serum Concentrate*


When it comes to facial oils and serums, if you’ve got oily or pimple-prone skin, they can seem like the last products you’d be picking up. But new-to-me brand Odacite have you covered with their Black Cumin Serum which is a Pumples Solution Serum.


It’s a dinky little bottle, complete with dropper applicator, and can be used as an all-over treatment for problem skin, or as a sort of problem-fixer if your skin is normally ok. Since the product is a serum concentrate, it’s also a bit stronger than your regular serum. This means you can add a drop or two to moisturiser, or just apply it direct to skin.


The Serum Concentrate has a rich, yet not greasy consistency, and absorbs right into skin. The active serum helps to achieve blemish-free skin and smooth the complexion. The purifying properties of Black Cumin oil control the spread of breakout-causing bacteria while therapeutic Cajeput acts at the source of the problem with potent antiseptic properties, helping to prevent further pimple eruption. It’s an absolutely genius little product which stops breakouts in their tracks!

Odacite B1+C Black Cumin + Cajeput Serum Concentrate is priced at £27.50 and is available here


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