SmileLab Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips*


Now that we’re squarely in autumn, I’ve been on Project White Teeth. I know that most people associate white teeth with tans, and long beach afternoons, but considering that lipsticks get deeper and skin gets lighter, having brighter teeth has never felt more important!

fullsizeoutput_1498So, when I heard about SmileLab, a new brand which keeps teeth looking pearly, I had to get my hands on a box. With a whitening toothpaste, a whitening pen and the choice of 14 and 10 day packs of whitening strips, there is no excuse not to have a seriously white smile!


Using the strips couldn’t be easier – after brushing my teeth, I open a single sachet and put on the two strips – one on my top teeth, the other on the bottom. Then I try to amuse myself for the next 30 minutes while the strips get to work.


Since the strips are all pre-soaked with formula, you don’t need to worry about adding gels or formulas together. Instead, I usually just put on a sheet mask and relax for half an hour.  Unlike other bleaching products I’ve tried, SmileLab’s strips don’t leave teeth feeling sensitive – they even combat bacteria, so you have a fresh-feeling mouth too. The 15 pack which I have even has a handy little carry case so you can take them with you whilst you travel. I took mine down to Manchester with me, and since using them I’ve seen a serious difference in the colour of my smile!

SmileLab Advanced Whitening Strips is priced at £38 and is available here.


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