Sanatio Naturals Lavender*


When it comes to essential oils, I always keep a bottle of Lavender on hand. It’s got so many uses, and the purer the better when it comes to Essential Oils. So, I was seriously impressed when Sanatio Naturals sent over a bottle of their 100% Pure Natural Essential Oil – the scent was incredible, even before I’d opened the box.


Since the Oil is so pure, you genuinely only need a drop or two of it per use. Probably the most obvious way to enjoy the Lavender is for getting a good night’s sleep – once a week, prior to making my bed (which is a daily chore), I add a couple of drops of the oil to my mattress. It’s enough to add a subtle hint of scent to the whole room, and I swear it helps me get a good night’s sleep.


A more unusual use I’ve found for the oil, is as a wardrobe scent. Over the past few years, I’ve invested¬†way too much money into knitwear, and as a result, I live in fear of moths. Those things can chew through a sweater like nothing you’ve ever seen, and they can positively smell quality – the more expensive the sweater the better! So, in an effort to stay hole-free (and it’s working!) I drop a little of the oil into the corners of my closets, as well as adding it to cedar wood blocks. The result is cupboards which smell fantastic and are completely pest-free!

Sanatio Naturals Lavender is priced at £22 and is available here


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