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When it comes to winter skincare it’s far too easy to concentrate on keeping moisture levels up, and let everything else skip by the wayside. I’m not sure about you, but the moment the central heating goes on and gets cranked up, my skin just gets more and more parched by the day. And dry skin leads to dull skin, so in an attempt to keep everything as soft and as glowy as possible, I’ve been reaching for my tub of Simply Scrub’s Soursop Body Scrub.


Simply Scrub is an American brand who specialise in 100% natural, organic and chemical free products. The scrubs are made up of coffee grounds (which are fabulous for working magic on cellulite) as well asĀ dead sea mineral salt and brown sugar so they leave skin feeling looking absolutely incredible. The coconut oil in the mix really ups moisture levels, and the use of Soursop and essential oils smells fantastic. It’s a fresh, quite citrus-y mix, which is perfect for use in the morning.

Simply Scrubs Soursop Scrub Jar is priced at $13.99 and is available hereĀ 


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