Blaq Hydrogel Eye Masks*


It’s Sunday night, which means for many of us, it’s time for a bit of ‘maintenance’ in order to look and feel as fresh as possible for the week ahead. I know my Sunday evening showers are full of buffing and scrubbing away, but what can you do once you’re out of the bathroom?


I tend to throw on a moisturising sheet mask, and call it a night, but recently a new product has worked its way into my routine. Blaq’s Hydrogel Eye Masks are not a product you’re going to want to see anyone whilst wearing! They’re very black, and feel also rubbery, but they’re also super refreshing if your eyes are feeling worn out from a busy weekend.


Popped on to a clean under eye area, they mould to the skin, and feel wonderfully cooling. Filled with activated charcoal (known for its ability to soak up toxins) these masks somehow kill all signs of puffiness – leaving you looking and feeling fresh. Exactly what we all need on a Monday morning!

A pack of 5 masks is priced at £22 and is available here



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