Bare Biology Lion Heart Pure Omega 3 Fish Oil*


At the time of year, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. With Christmas shopping, work, parties and suppers, it can feel like you never have a second, and is it just me, or is everyone battling a cold? Over the past month or so, I’ve been trying to take better care of myself. I’ve upped the vegetable intake, I’ve been to the gym , and I’ve also introduced Bare Biology’s Lion Heart Pure Omega 3 Fish Oil into my morning routine.


As a rule, I’m a bit of a dry person – my hair, my skin, my nails, they all need a bit of TLC, so when I read about the benefits of Omega 3, I knew it was something I needed to add to my diet. Most people can benefit from adding a bit of Omega to their diet – the supplement can work against the threat of dementia, heart disease and even depression. Not only this – but it has some serious beauty benefits too! On a more superficial basis, the healthy fats inside the capsules help skin, hair and nails all grow and regenerate, and it’s a great secret if you’re looking to up your natural glow!


What I just love about Bare Biology’s Lion Heart capsules is how small they are! The recommended dose is 4 per day, although you can take 2 per day if you’d rather, so a tub can last you up to two months! I tend to take all four capsules in one go, purely so I don’t forget later in the day. They’re flavourless, and unlike¬†every other fish oil supplement I’ve taken before – you never get nasty, fishy flashbacks.

If you’re looking to add a little Omega 3 to your diet in 2018, a single pack is priced at ¬£28.50 and is available here.


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