SportFX Time Out Face Mist & Fix*


If you’re anything like me, you barely have to look at the gym, and your makeup just slides right off. I long to be one of those girls who leave the gym looking no different than when they entered, but I’m cursed with hair that fuzzes up and skin which turns pink within seconds of warming up. So, in an attempt to look a little more put together whilst working out, I’ve been trying SportFX’s Timeout Face Mist & Fix Spray.

It’s a dinky little 2-in-1 products which gives skin a ¬†dose of hydration and glow, whilst fixing makeup into place. The spray itself is a dinky 30ml, which easily fits into my gym bag, and I’ve been using it both pre and post work out.

Before heading into a class, I’ve been giving myself a quick spritz of the spray. I don’t tend to wear makeup to work out (if I do I can break out) so this gives a much needed does of moisture, whilst also giving skin a pretty sheen. Once I’m out and showered, I use it again prior to applying makeup. The Time Out Spray has a gorgeous minty scent thanks to menthol in the ingredients, so it cools and calms skin too, as well as providing a base for any makeup I want to apply.

It’s a genius little spray, and I’ve been absolutely loving using it!

SportFX Time Out Face Mist and Fix is priced at £5.99 and is available here.


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