Blaq Teeth Whitening Wand*


One of the brands which I really fell in love with last year was Blaq. Originally hailing from Australia, their mix of effective products and chic packaging has been seriously hard to resist (they did make a meteor dust body scrub after all!). My latest acquisition is their teeth whitening wand.


Like all of Blaq’s products, the tooth whitening wand uses activated charcoal rather than harsh chemicals to draw stains out of tooth enamel. Using the pen couldn’t be easier – after brushing my teeth, I click the pen a couple of times, and paint my teeth with it, making sure it’s got time to dry (about a minute). I wouldn’t apply the gel in front of anyone, as it is a fetching grey colour (thanks to the charcoal), then after about twenty minutes I rinse my mouth.


It’s such an easy little addition to my night time regime, and I like the fresh minty flavour it has. The inclusion of both coconut oil and charcoal feel like they’re doing teeth and gums good, as well as combatting staining, and I love how portable the pen is!

Blaq Tooth Whitening Wand is priced at £14.95 and is available here.



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