Ouai Haircare Volume Spray*


When it comes to hair – I might not have the thickest in the world, but I’ve got quite a lot of it. It means that I don’t need to spend hours and hours blow drying and styling it each morning, but it does tend to frizz up or flatten out depending on the weather and humidity. Not ideal. So, in an effort to look a little but glossier, I’ve been turning to Ouai Haircare and their fabulous Volume Spray.


Rather than other volume sprays I’ve tried before, this one doesn’t leave me looking like a poodle on the wrong side of a rainstorm. Instead, spritzed on wet hair, then blown out, the Volume Spray gives hair a subtle boost which just leaves you enjoying a really great hair day. Ends aren’t weighed down or sticky, instead hair is glossy and bouncy. It’s a perfect product if you suffer from fine hair that’s prone to flatness. It even works like a dream if I spray it on freshly washed hair and then leave it to dry – instead of frizzy ends, I’m left with beautiful beach waves.

Ouai Haircare Volume Spray is priced at £22 and is available here (UK) and here (US)


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