Lush Dirty Springwash Naked Shower Gel*


When it comes to cutting down on everyday plastics, I don’t think I ever realised how much I tend to use. So, I’ve been trying to lower how many disposables I use on a daily basis. From taking a reusable water bottle when I out and about or heading to the gym, to always having a reusable straw to hand – I’m a big believer of every little helps. So to, are Lush. As part of their 2018 Father’s Day collection, Lush have released their Dirty Springwash as a solid shower gel.


Before it arrived in the post, I wondered how a solid shower gel might work. Isn’t it just soap? But happily, it’s much more ‘foamy’ than a regular soap. Under hot running water, I use the sold gel alongside a shower puff, and within a few seconds the shower gel turns into clouds of foam. The gel smells absolutely incredible too – it’s full of menthol and spearmint oil, which are wonderful – especially in the morning! Super fresh, it feels like a great way to start each morning – and the knowledge that I’m cutting down on unnecessary plastics feels super good too!

Lush Naked Dirty Springwash is priced at £9.95 and is available here


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