OnePlus 6 – Red*

OnePlus 6 - Red

When it comes to technology, I can be a bit of a nightmare. I’m really particular about the  way I like things to perform, to look and even to feel when I’m using them. As a result of this, I waver over every purchase in case something just doesn’t feel right. So, when OnePlus got in touch to see if I’d like to give their OnePlus 6 phone a spin, complete in the racy red edition, I was thrilled.

OnePlus 6 - Red

Taking the OnePlus 6 out the box, I was stunned at how good the phone looks. A similar size to the iPhone 8 Plus, but a little thinner, this phone practically glows thanks to the six panels of glass which make up the back of the OnePlus 6 Red. With this colour, they have also added an additional anti-reflective layer to create a sense of depth by allowing more light to reach the bottom layers before being reflected off the device. The result is a phone which shimmers and shines in light, and looks as good as it feels to use.


As an absolute android newby, I had been a little worried about how I’d find using the phone, but it couldn’t be simpler. Thanks to the glass front and back, the phone is largely spill proof , and it even charges fully within half an hour. The phone itself is all screen at the front, and the back has a handy fingerprint sensor as well as a vertically aligned dual-lens camera. Thanks to the newly available ‘Portrait Mode’ the camera can add DSLR-style depth of field – perfect for snapping away all those Instagram pictures! The camera also can record for longer periods than most phones, so if you’re a big stories user – or you’re wanting to dabble in InstagramTV, this is the phone for you!

OnePlus 6 - Red

The OnePlus 6 is also gloriously fast to use – there is no waiting around while programmes load up. Instead a quick tap and everything is raring to go. Adding apps from the Google store is absolutely painless, and I’ve loaded up everything from Spotify to Facebook, so they’re all available at a single touch. Since the phone is an android, it’s also perfect if, like me, you’re a gmail fiend. My work email is a Gmail account, so it syncs in seamlessly with the OnePlus 6 calendar system, meaning I never forget about a meeting or phone call, and don’t have to add events in multiple systems.


What’s impressed me most about the OnePlus 6 though, is all the extra little details not found on other devices. First off there is a headphone port (cue angels singing) which means my time buying multiple other phones is well and truly over. Not only this, but the facial recognition allows you to to unlock the phone simple glance at the screen. There’s also a reading mode which gives the screen a Kindle-style appearance (perfect for taking to the beach) as well as gaming mode which brings a notification-free and faster experience. You can also remove the virtual home and back buttons at the bottom of the screen – which can then be replaced by gestures.

The phone is an absolute powerhouse of a device, and it’s perfect to use both for work, and for personal use. It’s also incredibly affordable – the phone starts at £559 and is available here.


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