Exfolin Natural + Cleansing Pink Clay Face Mask*


When it comes to skincare, I love a bit of a routine. Each Sunday I love a good face mask. I feel like it undoes a bit of damage from the past week, and preps my skin for what’s coming. It’s because of this that I tend to opt for products which really cleanse skin, and my latest find is the Natural + Cleansing Pink Clay Mask from new Scottish skincare brand Exfolin.

Packaged in a chic screw-top jar, the mask comes in a powdered clay form, so all you need to do is add water to your desired thickness, then apply to clean, damp skin. Since you’re in charge of adding the moisture, depending on how much of an exfoliation you’re after, you can make the mask as thin or as thick as you like!


In addition to the Pink Clay, the mask contains Rosehip and Hibiscus which work to reduce fine lines and pores, and the formula’s vitamin content helps to improve cell turnover, leaving skin look as youthful and dewy as possible. The formula is completely natural and animal-product free, so if you’re looking for a new vegan alternative, this could be the mask for you!


The powder formula is also perfect for travelling – it won’t add to puny liquid allowances, and instead, you can just tuck it into your carry-on and enjoy great skin for the whole of your trip!

Exfolin Cleansing Face Mask is priced at £10.99 and is available here


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