Glossier Lash Slick AKA your new everyday favourite


Over the past few years, my daily makeup regime has taken a serious hit. Gone are the heavier, fuller coverage foundation, lipsticks have been replaced with balms and the last part of the puzzle has been a gorgeous daily mascara, which leaves lashes black and lengthened, but not overly dramatic. A sort of your lashes but better scenario.


So, last year, when Glossier released Lash Slick I was all over it. So much so I ordered it pretty much the day of release, raved about it to everyone I know, used it consistently for about a month then promptly lost it. I’m not sure if I left it at the gym, in a hotel, or just managed to drop it somewhere in between, but it completely disappeared. After its vanishing, I tried to tell myself that it hadn’t been that great, that I had at least 15 mascaras to work through, and that once I needed a new one I could order a second.


Spoiler alert – the mascara never reappeared, I made my way through about 5 of those other mascaras, and I still ached for a new tube of Lash Slick. So, when I made my latest Glossier I threw another tube of the stuff in, and honestly, I am so glad I did. Obviously, like everything from the brand, Lash Stick is branded to perfection – the slick pink tube makes me happy to even look at it, and the formula inside is genius. Admittedly, it does take a few layers of the mascara to achieve the natural-looking fluttery effect I’m in love with, but it builds up on lashes easily, leaving them super black, long and separated, without any of the gloopy volume other formulas have. It’s perfect for day looks – it stays looking fresh for hours, it doesn’t smudge or flake, and it stays exactly where you place it. I’ve worn this through spin class, and whilst the rest of me was an absolute state by the end of it, my lashes were still perfection. It even comes off easily with a little cleanser and a warm flannel – no panda eyes for me any more!

Glossier Lash Slick Mascara is priced at £14 and is available here


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