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Over the past few weeks, I’ve developed something of a spinning habit. It’s not something I’ve done too much of before, but getting to peddle away in a dark room, whilst music blasts feels a little like meditation – and despite being thoroughly convinced I’m going to topple off my bike each class, it never happens, and by the end of the class I feel pretty much invincible. The classes also leave me looking like I’ve jumped into a pool fully clothed, so I’ve been looking for ways to keep my skin clear, and Alteya Organics Rose Water is a must-have member of my post-class kit.

Perfect for soothing and cooling – once I’m out of the class, I use a foaming cleanser to clear any dirt and sweat, then douse my skin with a few spritzes of the Rose Spray. It smells glorious, and thanks to its antioxidant properties, it works wonders to cut redness and soothe skin. It also balances the skin’s pH levels, and you can use even use it as a toner if you’re after a gentler option. Alteya’s Organic Bulgarian Rosewater is 100% pure and natural, which means it doesn’t irritate the skin, and it’s also a gorgeous setting spray, which leaves makeup looking naturally dewy, and keeps it in place for hours.

Alteya’s Organic Bulgarian Rosewater is also super affordable – it’s only £7.20 and is available here.


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