Eteaket Limited Edition Nettle & Petal Tea*


When it comes to day-to-day living, for the past year or so, I’ve been pretty non-stop. From work, blogging and regular admin, it can feel like I don’t really have any time to switch off. Over the past few weeks I’ve really been trying to incorporate a little more self-care into my schedule.


One of the easiest (and certainly most delicious) changes to my regime has been enjoying a cup of Eteaket’s new Limited Edition Nettle & Petal Loose Leaf Tea. If you’re from Edinburgh, you’ll know that Eteaket is one of the city’s icons – producing high quality teas which range from Matchas to your regular morning brew. They also work on customer feedback, producing limited editions, which is exactly where Nettle & Petal comes in.


A mix of the brand’s much loved Chillaxin’ Chamomile with Nettle – this loose leaf tea is a perfect choice for evening sipping – and I’ve been enjoying a cup before bed most nights. Packaged in a gorgeous and sturdy cardboard tube, this would make a gorgeous addition to any gift hampers you might be planning, and it looks stunning in the kitchen cabinet too!


As you can see – the tea couldn’t be purer. Unlike some supermarket brands, Eteaket’s offerings don’t bother with dusty fillers – instead this one if full of vibrant chamomile flowers and leafy nettles. From the moment you unwrap the leaves, you can smell the sweet, almost musky scent, and you only need a generous heaped teaspoon per cup.


Eteaket very kindly popped a packet of their plastic-free, unbleached tea bags which you can fill yourself, and I’m kind of obsessed. Each night, I pop a teaspoon of the leaves in one of the bags, knot them, and then fill up with just-boiled water, and leave to steep for around five minutes. The resulting cup is wonderfully comforting – it’s a gentle flavour which doesn’t lean too floral or green. I love how it relaxing it feels to enjoy before heading to bed – chamomile promotes a better night’s sleep, whilst nettle has anti-inflammatory properties, so it leaves you feeling as good as it tastes!

Eteaket Nettle and Petal Tea is priced at £7.95 and is available here.


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