Micro-Needling with Dermal Aesthetics*


When it comes to skincare, I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit of a junkie. I’m always looking for the next lotion, potion or treatment which promises soft, hydrated skin, but as I’ve gotten a little older, I’ve realised that sometimes a cream isn’t quite enough to get the outcomes I’m after, which is exactly where micro-needling comes in.


The idea behind the micro-needling treatment is that by making hundreds of tiny little wounds on the skin’s surface, you jump-start the healing process, prompting the production of collagen, and leaving you looking brighter, fresher and dewier as a result.


I was very kindly invited by Kat at Dermal Aesthetics to come in and try a micro-needling treatment, and since I’d only ever experimented with the idea at home, I absolutely jumped at the chance. Operating out of the beautiful Sorella Beauty salon in the heart of Morningside each Friday, Kat works with the South Korean Genosys system, which offers one of the most powerful micro-needling pens available.


Despite sounding painful, the treatment is surprisingly enjoyable. After a thorough cleanse, the pen is used all over the face and neck, making sure to target areas where fine lines and wrinkles are most common. Unlike the at-home treatments I’ve tried, Kat’s skill with the pen leaves skin just a little pink, rather than inflamed than when I get a little roller happy!


Since the rolling leaves tiny holes in the surface of the skin (don’t worry, they’re invisible to the naked eye) it’s the perfect time to use active serums and creams, as they get much deeper into the skin than they would normally. If you’re a hyaluronic acid lover, this is the perfect time to get applying – normally the acid’s particles are too big to penetrate the skin’s surface, but the micro-wounds made by the micro-needling means they can be far more effective at properly hydrating and nourishing skin.


As if all of the skin treatments weren’t enough, as the post-needling serums and creams get to work, you get to enjoy an incredible neck and shoulder massage from Kat. With a background giving VIPs beauty treatments aboard their private yachts (yes, colour me insanely jealous) it’s probably no surprise to say that the ending was absolutely heavenly.  The difference in skin tone is absolutely incredible, even after a single treatment, with skin feeling tighter and looking a whole lot fresher too. As the results really build on each other, Kat recommends treating yourself to one regularly (about once a month) to keep the collagen production at an optimal level.

As of this month, Kat will also be offering Derma-planing sessions, where peach fuzz and dead skin is removed with a scalpel, leaving skin looking baby-soft and feeling super smooth – perfect if you’re planning a busy festive season!

A Micro-needling treatment is priced at £100 and is bookable through Treatwell here. You can also find Kat’s instagram here


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