Embryolisse Filaderme Emulsion*


It doesn’t seem like too long ago that products like Embryolisse were the stuff of legend. You had to pick them up from the shiny beauty counters of Parisian pharmacies, and if you weren’t going to find yourself in France anytime soon, you had to beg friends and family to pick up some bits for you. It’s still family lore about how I snuck away from a school trip to Paris, and whilst my school-mates were munching on croque-monsieurs, I slid off to stock up on Annick Goutal’s Gardenia Eau de Parfum as well as bags of French skincare.

Thankfully though, times have changed, and you can now pick up Embryolisse in your nearest Boots, which makes faking that French Girl glow, so much easier. If you’ve tried (and loved) the original formula, which slides on like silk and leaves skin glowing all day long, you’re going to LOVE the Filaderme Emulsion.


A richer, thicker version of the cream, designed especially for dry skin, this has been my saviour in beating the winter dryness which accompanies a drop in temperatures and the hike in central heating. With a formula which comes fortified with a range of natural active ingredients, including shea butter to soften and aloe vera to soothe, the acream works to reconstruct the ‘intercellular cement’, reinforcing the skin’s barrier and diminishing uncomfortable, tight and flaky skin. It’s perfect, if like me, you have sensitive or reactive skin.

I’ve been smoothing a little of the cream on each morning, then applying my makeup on right away. Not only does it give you the smoothest base to work with, but skin stays glowing and hydrated throughout the day. I’ve loved it as a bit of a de-stresser for irritated skin, as it’s so cooling and nourishing, without ever feeling like it’s too much.

Embryolisse Filaderme Emulsion is priced at £20 and is available here (UK) and here (US)


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