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When it comes to new health trends, I’m not sure many have been as widely adopted as the new enthusiasm for CBD in a range of products. I’ve tried serums, face masks and creams with the stuff, so when I got invited to a breakfast with luxury brand Apothem Labs at Harvey Nichols, I absolutely jumped at the chance. Rather than the kind of crunchy image CBD can have, Apothem have it down to a science.


Harnessing the power of CBD oil alongside pure botanicals, Apothem’s products are designed to perform effectively as possible whilst also being an absolute joy to use. Their Day Drops are designed to keep you calm throughout the day – each morning I drop 5-6 drops under my tongue (where it’s easiest for it to absorb, and keep them there for about a minute), and during busy days, I use another couple of drops around midday. Even though the drops are ‘Day’ ones, they don’t contain caffeine or any stimulants, so you can even use these in the evenings, if you need a little help to relax and unwind.


With pure CBD oil, like the type used by Apothem, you don’t get high or giddy. Instead, they just seem to keep me calm. On days when work is getting super busy or I’m just feeling a bit overwhelmed, these drops help me take a breath, and tackle everything on my to-do list.

Apothem Labs Day Drops are priced at £85 and are available here.


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