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Working for myself has a whole lot of perks. There’s no commute, I’m my own boss, and I get to choose who I work with, but one of my favourites has to be the fact that I get to travel to see my clients. Since they’re scattered from north of Inverness to Oxfordshire, it’s fair to say I get around, and one of my must-haves when I travel is a great pair of headphones.


If I’m working away, whether I’m in a coffee shop, hotel room, or even in my office at home, I like to wear headphones. There’s something about being ‘plugged in’ which really focuses me on whatever I’m doing, and lessens my tendency to scroll on Instagram or get otherwise distracted. So, when Skullcandy sent over their Venue headphones, it’s fair to say, my working process got a bit of an upgrade! Packaged in a beautiful case, which is perfect for travel, the Venue Headphones boast a 24 hour battery, noise cancellation, quick charging features, and crucially, they are wireless, so you can even wear them travelling or working out. Genius!


Inside the travel case, the headphones come complete with a charging cable and even a connection cable, so if you’re somewhere you can’t use bluetooth, you can simply plug in and enjoy. As someone who normally relies on smaller, bud-style headphones, these big ones have been a bit of a life-changer. There are no sore ears, headaches or migraines after using them – just amazing quality sound, even when I’m moving around.


Available in a selection of four shades, the Venue headphones won’t fade into the background. They are big, but they’re adjustable, and they’re super comfortable thanks to the memory foam padding. Even though I have a big head, these never feel pinch or tight. The headphones are also incredibly soft thanks to their padding, to there is no digging-in around the ears.


Unlike other headphones I’ve used, the Skullcandy Venue’s have noise-cancelling technology – perfect for days when I’m working in a coffee shop (which is approximately 4 days a week). At the press of a button, outside hustle is blocked out, and I don’t need to hear any outside distractions.

There is some really clever tech hidden away in the Venue headphones, which makes life so much easier – most of all, the integrated Tile technology, which means you’ll never lose them. As someone who has a tendency to walk away from things (I’ve done this with keys, phones, you name it), being able to track exactly where my headphones are is such a lifesaver. There’s also a monitor mode, which means you can hear what’s going on around you – whether you’re ordering a coffee, or is you’re out on a run, and don’t fancy not hearing cars or people behind you – you can keep track of what’s going on. The headphones are also incredibly quick to charge. Just 10 minutes of charging gives them enough energy for five hours of playback.

Skullcandy Venue Headphones are priced at £149 and they’re available here


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