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If there is one positive I can take from living in lockdown (apart from my wondrously organised cupboards) is that finally I have managed to cultivate some sort of a tan, despite living in Scotland. Yes, it’s only on my face, and yes, weirdly I managed to give myself some surprisingly sore sunburn on my hands (?!), but thanks to hours spent outdoors, I’ve had to dig out my darker tinted moisturisers, and I’m sporting freckles last seen on sunny beaches abroad.


Of course a tan is just flattering sun damage, so I’ve been upping my hydration levels to prevent peeling, and the newest addition to my nighttime regime is It Cosmetics’ new Confidence in Your Beauty Sleep, a Skin-Transforming Pillow Cream, which promises to repair and renew skin. After cleansing I’ve been apply a generous amount, using my gua sha to work it in, then heading to bed.


Since the cream is so nourishing, I don’t need to top it up with a balm or oils, and it feels wonderfully nourishing on the skin. Specially designed to resist transfer onto pillowcases, it even smells softly of lavender to aid in relaxation.


Formulated to hydrate, firm and brighten skin, the formula is packed-full of good for skin ingredients like ceramides and hyaluronic acid, and It Cosmetics claim that skin will look visibly better in only 7 nights!


With a silky feel, and glorious scent, it’s a real treat to use each evening, and I absolutely adore how hydrating it is. It’s been a godsend in preventing skin from peeling, and looking tired after time spent outdoors. Each morning skin feels bouncy and hydrated, and any areas which looked a little pink, or felt a bit scorched, are soothed and calm.

It Cosmetics Confidence in your Beauty Sleep is priced at £43 and is available here (UK) and here (US)


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