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I’m not sure about you, but the summer always feels like the perfect time to start new habits. I’m sure it comes from being outdoors far more often, and generally following healthier lifestyles, so it was perfect timing to try some of Link Nutrition’s lifestyle supplements. It’s a brand which offers numerous solutions to any problems you might want to solve – from a great night’s sleep, to enhancing energy, there’s a whole line-up to sample!


One of my most-loved supplements have got to be Ashwagandha – an Ayurvedic anti-inflammatory which has a host of health benefits. Cheifly used to manage stress, it can also work to level-out hormone levels, as well as provide a host of antioxidants too. Completely tasteless and odour-free, I’ve been taking two daily in the morning with a big glass of water. Ashwaganha is also known as a natural way of enhancing thyroid function – so if you suffer from an underachieve thyroid, this is a wonderfully natural way to help yourself feel as good as possible.


Link Nutrition’s Brain Food capsules couldn’t have come at a better time. Thankfully work is getting busier as businesses get back to normal, so I need to be on top of my game. Link Nutrition’s Brain Food is a food-based supplement which fights tiredness, fatigue even maintains your nervous system. Designed to reduce anxiety as well as support mental function – it’s a great choice if you’re looking to get on top of work before things get too hectic, or if you’ve got a big meeting or presentation where you want to impress!


I’ve heard a lot about re-entry anxiety, and whilst I’m dying for things to get back to as ‘normal’ as possible, I realise that there is a whole lot to worry about, so Link Nutrition’s Relax is perfect for calming you down without making you feel dozy. Designed to reduce fatigue and tiredness, whilst promoting normal psychological function, you’re left feeling like yourself, rather than a frazzled mess.

Link Nutrition supplements are available here.


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