Sustainable laundry with EcoEgg*

Over the past few years, I’ve tried to add as many eco-friendly ideas into my daily routine as possible. I’ve got a cupboard full of reusable bottles and cups which I tote everywhere from the coffee shop to the gym, and I can’t remember the last time I went shopping without a bunch of cotton totes in my pocket. I’ve even filled the cutlery drawer at home with silicon straws and have invested in string bags to tote my fruit and veg home from the supermarket. One room of the house which I’d not really been able to ‘eco’ was the utility room. I buy my detergents and softeners in bulk to try and cut down on plastics, they obviously go straight into the recycling once they’re finished, but it felt a little half hearted, so, when HomeStore and More sent over an EcoEgg, it felt like perfect timing.

An alternative to your regular softeners and detergent, the EcoEgg is filled with two types of mineral pellets which work to wash and soften your clothes without the chemicals and plastics normally associated with washing. Since the EcoEgg uses mineral pellets, it’s great for those with sensitive skin types, and can even work to help eczema-sufferers. Using the EcoEgg couldn’t be simpler – just tip the pre-portioned pellets into the egg, screw shut, then throw into the washing machine. You’ve then got 50-70 washes before you need to update your pellets. Rather than counting each load, I averaged how many I do a week, then added a calendar reminder in my phone when it needs renewed. I’ve found the EcoEgg works best on cottons which need a quick wash – sheets, towels, t-shirts are all perfect. By switching to the EcoEgg, it’s estimated that you’ll save 40 plastic bottles a year – an insane amount when you think about it.

EcoEggs are priced from £7.47 and are available from HomeStore and More here


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