TempleSpa Peace Be Still Calming Skin Balm*

Despite the fact that my arms and legs won’t be seeing sunlight until at least 2021, I’ve been looking for a body moisturiser which will combat the effects of winter skin. I’m not sure about you, but the moment the central heating gets popped on, my skin feels like it dries right out. As a rule I don’t like anything too goopy, and I love when lotions smell incredible – and TempleSpa’s Peace Be Still Calming Skin Balm has quickly become my nightly go-to.

I’ve been loving smoothing on the Peace Be Still lotion every evening after my bath or shower, and not only does it leave skin feel silky soft after using it, but it helps me sleep too! That’s thanks to the calming essential oils in the formula designed to help you relax and unwind. I’m in love with out beautiful the fragrance is – notes of coriander, lemon, and nutmeg all leave me feeling like I’ve spent the evening in a spa, and despite being called a balm, the moisturiser feels more like a lotion, so it sinks easily into skin. It’s been an absolute life saver at this time of year, and it’s made short work of dry elbows and knees – leaving them perfectly hydrated.

Peace be Still Calming Skin Balm is priced at £19 and is available here


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