Road Tripping In Style – Can It Be Done?

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It seems as though there’s a way to twist any fun activity to make it more luxurious. Sunbathing on a beautiful beach is perhaps made better when doing so on a private beach, rented for the night by you and your partner. We all know about the ‘glamping’ phenomenon that struck and has stayed since the late 2000s. 

When people think of road tripping, they often think of something quite down to earth. Driving from one corner of the map to the other in an old VW camper van, or in a rented vehicle, or in a banged-up caravan does have some romantic appeal to it, particularly if you or a friend have an acoustic guitar, a dog, and a good amount of whisky (to drink only when parked, of course).

But can road-tripping itself be luxurious? Well, right now, road trips are a non-entity thanks to national lockdowns and travel restrictions. That said, is it possible, and worth planning for when we return to normal? Possibly. Let’s consider how that might be:

A Beautiful Vehicle

The vehicle is what makes up the majority of the road trip experience. If you find that you’re broken down or unhappy behind the wheel, you’re not going to be having a great time. Thankfully, it is possible to drive in style. It might be that you bring along your main, luxurious vehicle you usually use for professional purposes. This could be possible even if you’re worried about handling, because asking ‘what’s the cost of an Aston Martin service?’ could help you realize helps is at hand, and affordable. If you can travel in smoothness and style – odds are your luxurious travel experience is sure to be one to remember.

A Classy Journey

It’s worth making the effort for a classy journey. Dropping into certain celebrated restaurants, for instance, gives you a sense of purpose to the affair, as well as a luxurious and comfortable experience from time to bottom. Road tripping in style could also mean heading to end-destinations, such as visiting the theatre, or following a travelling artist, or even dropping into a range of gorgeous and culturally relevant European cities. It feels great to move forward with confidence in this manner, so consider where you’d love to go to and why those places.

Documenting Your Journey

While some may wish to travel in peace and privacy, it can be nice for something as monumental and unique as this experience to be documented. Even if you just take pictures for Instagram, or write in your journal, all the way up to video logging the entire event and editing the footage upon your return, road tripping in style is only aided when you can share this with the world. Who knows? You might find that you begin to inspire other people to do just the same as you.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily road trip in style – and maybe you’ll even find a worthwhile way forward.


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