LuxeList Gift Guide 2020: Isa Lazo Body Scrub*

When it comes to festive treats, I’m not sure you can get anything quite as indulgent as a luxury body product. I always love to get people something they probably wouldn’t indulge in themselves, and Isa Lazo products are among some of the most glorious I’ve tried.

Presented in a thick velvet box inside a sturdy gift box, the jar of Body Scrub feels more like unearthing a jewel than a regular scrub. The jar it comes in is similarly glam, all black glass and crowned with a golden lid. This isn’t the type of product you’re going to want to hide at the back of the cupboard!

Using the body scrub is a treat from start to finish. The formula is blended with tea tree oil and cranberry seed, so it works to slough dead skin, whilst smelling beautifully fresh. The formula boasts 100 active components as well as anti-microbial properties, so your skin is left both silky soft, hydrated and absolutely glowing. Crucially, there are no micro-plastics in the formula – all the buffing comes from cranberry seeds – so it’s eco-friendly as well as lovely to use!

My favourite method for using the scrub is apply it directly to dry skin, working it into areas which need a little TLC. To keep mess to a minimum, I usually do this in the shower, then I hop into a pre-run bath. This means my skin gets to drink in all the goodness from the formula, rather than just hosing it down the drain. It feels like a spa treatment thanks to the aromatherapy benefits from the Tea Tree Oil. As the scrub melts off in the hot water, it leaves behind a hydrating layer of oil, which feels absolutely incredible, and once I’m finished in the bath, I make sure to moisturise well and then head to bed. It’s such a glorious product to use, it would make the loveliest gift this holiday season!

Isa Lazo Body Scrub is priced at $96 and is available here.


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