Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Lush*

I know that Valentine’s is a bit of a controversial holiday – you either love it or you hate it, but, considering we’re in the middle of a seemingly endless lockdown, I’ll take as much heart-themed fun that’s going. One of my absolute favourite brands for celebrating holidays is Lush. Their products always make me feel brand new, and they’re so cute and fun – they make the bathroom feel like a real escape – and there’s nothing better than turning off my phone, grabbing a book and enjoying a bath bomb. Their Heart Beat Bath Bomb (£5.95) is a bright pink blast, which perfumes with water with Lush’s beloved Rose Jam fragrance. I love the look of the golden hearts, and prior to using it, the bath bomb made the bathroom smell absolutely unreal!

The Love Me Do (£6.95) bath bomb is another rose scented gem, which feels like such a treat to enjoy. It turns the water BRIGHT red, and the muslin it comes wrapped in keeps all the bits of rose together, so you won’t be fishing it all out the plughole afterwards. Absolutely gloriously perfumed, I wallowed in it for a good hour to really enjoy the whole experience. If you’re missing your visits to your local Lush Spa, whack this in the bath, play one of the brand’s playlists and enjoy a little me time – you deserve it.

Probably the most eye-catching product in the whole Valentine’s line-up is the Blow Me a Kiss (£5.95) Bubble Blower. A vegan bubble bar, which you can easily use over the course of a couple of baths, it’s a sweet and fruity scent which I’m a bit obsessed with. If you’re a Snow Fairy fan, you’re going to love this. I love the fact you can use the bar over multiple baths, and it makes the whole house smell absolutely incredible!

For post-bath hydration, I’ve fallen absolutely in love with their Rose Argan Massage bar. Not only is it absolutely beautiful, but the bar itself smells completely dreamy. A mix of ruby cocoa liquor, argan oil and rosewater it’s a formula which deeply penetrates skin, and whether you’re using it for a massage or for a little extra TLC, it’s such a treat to enjoy. I’ve been using it in the evenings post-bath and I wake up still smelling of it.

Last up in the lineup is Lush’s new Lush Lashes (£15.50) mascara. Who knew Such made makeup?! Apparently I’m very behind, as I thought the closest they got to it was lip balms, but I’ve been seriously impressed with this new mascara. Over the past few years, I’ve moved away from the pumped-up formulas I used to love in favour for more natural-looking, lengthening formulas, which is exactly what this new option is. The formula is filled with lash conditioning ingredients including coconut oil and Gum Acacia which nourish, whilst a Wheatgrass infusion contains a whole host of vitamins, minerals and proteins, which encourages lash growth throughout wear. I’ve been surprised by how much I like this mascara – it really adds a lot of natural-looking length to them, and no matter what I’ve been getting up to, I haven’t had to deal with smudging or flaking.


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