Why are diamonds so popular?

Diamonds are undoubtedly one of the most luxurious items on the planet. Every woman wants to own at least one beautiful, sparkling diamond that they can wear with pretty much any outfit and look a million dollars, but why are diamonds, out of all the precious and semi-precious gemstones, so popular?

Diamonds have always been popular. For centuries now, they have been given as a token of love, commitment and affection, which means they are now synonymous with romance, and which is why Valentina engagement rings are so very popular. Not only that, but diamonds are a very rare substance, which has to be first mined from deep within the earth, and then polished into the stunning finished product, which means real diamonds are pretty rare. These two things combined with the fact that each diamond is unique has led to their enduring popularity.

Another reason why diamonds may be so commonly sought after is the fact that they pretty much look good with anything, You can dress your diamond up or down and you will always look stylish, sophisticated and well-to-so when you’re wearing one, whether it’s on your finger in the form of an engagement ring or adorning your ears in the form of chandelier earrings.

If you want to know more about the history of diamonds, why they are so popular with people all over the world in most cultures, how they are made and where they come from, you’re going to want to check out his amazing;y informative infographic on the subject right now.

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