Wolf & Gypsy Pirate Cob Necklace*

I don’t want to mention the ‘C’ word for a few reasons. First of all, it’s Halloween tomorrow, which is by far my favourite holiday of the year, and who knows what December is going to look like thanks to all these lockdowns and regulations which keep getting added and taken away, but if you’ve started to think about gifting, I’d recommend heading over to Wolf & Gypsy for some serious present-inspo.

I can be picky when it comes to jewellery – I don’t wear too much of it, and what I do wear is all very much loved – delicate golden chains collected on holidays, simple studs which add a little sparkle when I’m going out, or a much-loved watch which sometimes feels too precious to wear. I’ve been on the hunt for similarly beautiful pieces which are easier to wear – bits I can layer up, and enjoy on a daily basis without feeling like I’ve raided the jewellery box, and I’ve found a gorgeous option in the form of Wolf & Gypsy.

My first treasure from the brand is their Pirate Cob necklace – a gold vermeil piece which replicates a coin found as part of pirate booty. Paired with a 22″ golden chain, the necklace looks effortlessly stylish when paired with a shirt or sweater. Worn alone, the necklace is simple enough to not feel like it’s ‘too much’ for during the day, but it really makes an outfit look like you’ve put in 100 times more effort in!

Made from 100% recycled Sterling Silver and covered in gold vermeil, the necklace doesn’t irritate skin, or leave behind any of those dreaded green marks. The necklace even comes beautifully packaged in a lovely box, which is the perfect size for storing it when I don’t have it on.

Wolf & Gypsy’s Pirate Cob necklace is priced at £69 and is available here

Pixi Beauty +C Vit Lip Brightener*

When it comes to autumn and winter beauty, it always feels so easy to go a bit too deep or too heavy when it comes to formulas. As much as I love a dramatic lip or beautiful smokey eye, on a day to day basis it’s completely unnecessary, especially this year, when going ‘out, out’ feels like history. Instead, I’ve been on the hunt for products which can add a little pep and make me look and feel brighter, without being too obvious.

One of my newest favourites is Pixi Beauty’s +C Vit Lip Brightener – part of their new +C Vit lineup, which includes everything from a rather glorious tinted under eye concealer to a priming oil which is basically great skin in a bottle. The +C Vit Lip Brightener has become a morning staple, as recently, I’ve felt I needed a bit of colour in the mornings, but I didn’t want anything too dramatic. Pixi’s Lip Brightener is a stroke of genius – part balm, part colour, it hydrates and moisturises the lips whilst leaving a sheer veil of pretty colour behind.

With a central core fortified with Vitamin C, which brightens skin and promotes collagen production, the Lip Brightener feels gorgeously balmy to wear. Perfect for cold mornings, when I need as much help as possible, I’m obsessed with it’s silky texture and super flattering shade. It’s a real ‘your-lips-but-better’ option, which perks up tired skin and smoothes lips thanks to the Jojoba Seed Oil and Vitamin E in the formula.

Pixi Beauty +C Vit Lip Brightener is priced at £10 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

IRÉN Skin Serums*

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realised the value in really tailoring my skincare to suit my skin’s needs. It sometimes isn’t enough just to say ‘my skin is dry’ or ‘it’s irritable’ but getting to treat it on a day to day basis is something I’m trying to improve. Thankfully, Irén Skincare is making it so much easier with their line up of super serums, which allow to you to really cater to what your skin is needing. With seven serums to choose from, tackling everything from dullness to congestion, Irén Skincare has become my secret weapon in combatting winter skin.

The Irén Skincare Keep Calm Serum is an absolute lifesaver when it comes to keeping skin calm and happy. Every few weeks I treat myself to a micro dermalbrasion facial, which leaves my skin super clear, but it’s a little pink afterwards, so smoothing on a few drops of the Keep Calm Soothing Serum is perfect for keeping my skin as happy and as healthy as possible. It also means I can really enjoy the benefits of my treatment without worrying about covering any redness.

The Irén Quench-Up serum is probably my favourite. Naturally, I’ve got skin which can feel a bit dried out pretty easily. This only gets worse in the winter thanks to the cold, wind, and central heating, so I’m always looking for products which can give my skin the extra pep it needs. Like all Irén products, the Quench-Up serum is completely vegan and cruelty-free. Not only that, but they’re paraben and alcohol free too, so when you apply them to clean skin, you get all the benefits! It’s especially important in formula of serums like Quench-Up, which has 12 super moisturising ingredients ranging from Blueberry Extract to Hyaluronic Acid to seriously address any dryness you might be experiencing.

When it comes to breakouts, I’m pretty lucky. For 3 1/2 weeks out of 4, I don’t really worry about spots, but I do find that hormonal outbreaks happen pretty much like clockwork – which is exactly where Irén’s Skin Reboot Serum comes in. A powerful antioxidant serum, which is gentle on skin, the serum contains Beetroot Extract to aid in skin renewal, 4% Caffeine to soothe skin and prevent puffiness, whilst Astaxanthin (which can be found in microalgae) contains more antioxidants and is significantly more potent that Vitamin C and E. It also protects skin against blue light damage – so for someone who spends 99% of their life in front of a computer, it’s a godsend.

Irén Skincare serums are priced at £30 each, and are available to by from the Lone Design Club here.

Anti-aging tips: 7 Proven Ways to Defy and Reverse Premature Aging

The process of premature aging is steady and barely noticeable. You rarely notice the wrinkles and skin sagging, but when it arrives, it hits you hard. The signs of aging can hit you earlier than the usual age of 40. Overly dry skin, red eyes, and sagging skins could be a few of the ways your body warns you of aging. Your biological age details how well your body functions and it can be lower or higher than your actual age. Aging signs are indications that your biological age is higher than chronological age.

Fortunately, you can defy and reverse premature aging by changing your lifestyle. You can look younger without the need for cosmetic surgery and Botox. What you need to fight or reverse premature aging are simple changes to your diet and day-to-day life.


You can defy premature aging through regular exercise. Take care of your physical body if you want to reverse and fight signs of aging. Research indicates that the benefits of regular exercise go beyond muscle and weight loss; they enhance your immune system too. Consequently, exercise prevents and handles signs of premature aging. You can liaise with an Expert PT for an ideal exercise schedule to help you achieve your goal of defying premature aging.

Wear Sunscreen

Whether it is sunny or rainy, wearing sunscreen every day ought to be part of your daily routine. Sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UVB and UVA rays that speed up the process of aging. The sunscreen you choose to apply ought to have water resistance. Make sure you read through the sunscreen ingredients to make sure that it has Mexoryl, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide. Do not forget to apply on your arms, neck, and hands. Also, reapply sunscreen every three hours, depending on the amount of direct sun exposure you experience, sweating, and swimming.

Drink Lots of Water

The human body responds the same way as a plant when you water it. The difference is that you notice symptoms of dehydration much slower than in a plant. Water is vital in digestion, blood circulation, elimination of toxins, and absorption of essential nutrients. Dehydrated skin looks dry and ultimately older than usual. The more hydrated you are, the fewer wrinkles you notice on your skin. Water assists in moisturizing your skin and increasing elasticity.

Kick the Sugar

Collagen is a protein that plays an essential role in elasticity and strength. The protein naturally reduces as you age. Also, a low diet with more refined carbohydrates increases the decline. When you take too much sugar that combines with collagen, it makes your skin to lose elasticity. Consequently, your skin becomes exposed to fine lines, sagging, and sun damage. Therefore, you can defy premature aging by taming your sweet tooth.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is among the most underrated factors when it comes to defying and reversing premature aging. Enough rest makes you younger than your biological age. Getting quality sleep gives your body enough time to produce new cells and repair the day’s damage that accelerates the aging process. When you fail to get quality sleep, your body doesn’t have the right amount of human growth hormone. Quality sleep reduces cortisol levels, which enables your skin to regenerate and protect itself from premature aging.


People ought to stop viewing meditation as an activity of the high and mighty. Stress is among the most significant contributors to premature aging. You can reduce stress through meditation and ultimately defy premature aging. Less stress means that you have lower anxiety. Meditation, for even 10 to 15 minutes, allows you to have a better understanding of yourself, helping you to have improved positivity and clear thinking. Additionally, meditation reduces age-related memory loss, improve quality of life, and reverse premature aging.

Skincare Routine

A good skincare routine helps in defying and reversing premature aging. The routine ought to entail an eye cream, toner, and a good moisturizer. You can buy skincare products containing hyaluronic acid and Retin A if you are afraid of wrinkles and fine lines. These ingredients are effective in defying signs of aging.

Even people with signs of premature aging can reverse the process with the above tips. You give your skin the chance to repair skin damages through regular exercise, meditation, and using sunscreen. You may want to consult a dermatologist if premature aging bothers you. Less-invasive procedures and lifestyle changes give people younger-looking skin. Similarly, it would help to keep your eyes hydrated to avoid red eyes and wrinkles around your eye skin.

4 Tips to Protect Yourself from Sun Damage

Although the sun has several benefits, ultraviolet (UV) rays can damage your skin if you are doing little to protect yourself. According to Cancer Research UK, skin cancer deaths in the country have risen by 150% since the 1970s. Therefore, it is vital to take precautions to protect yourself against complications that can arise from prolonged sun exposure. That said, here are four handy tips to protect yourself from sun damage.

  1. Accessorise with a hat and sunglasses

Apart from being trendy, adding a hat and a pair of sunglasses to your look will protect you from sun damage. Experts recommend wearing a broad-brimmed hat with at least a two-inch brim that covers exposed areas like your eyes, nose, ears and forehead. Straw hats and baseball caps are not as effective in protecting you. UV-blocking sunglasses will protect your eyes and surrounding skin. Many optometrists advise that shades are not necessarily protecting your eyes because UV protection comes from a chemical in your lens and not its darkness. Therefore, always check the labels on glasses for “UV absorption” confirmation to ensure that you receive the best protection when you are outside. 

  1. Use sunscreen

Scientists have established a link between UV rays and skin cancer, meaning your unprotected exposure to the sun’s rays leaves your skin vulnerable to damage. Avoiding the sun is the surest but an impractical way of preventing sun damage. This is why you should use sunscreen for protection when you are outside. Many skincare experts recommend that you choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF) number. You should apply sunscreen on all areas of your exposed skin at least thirty minutes before leaving home and reapply every two hours for best results. Colorescience has sunscreens that you should check out to protect you from the sun. 

  1. Wear appropriate outfits

Your clothing is essential in protecting yourself from the sun. Wearing long pants, skirts, and long-sleeved shirts protect you from UV rays. On sunny days, wear darker clothing, as UV rays reflect off dark materials while penetrating the light fabric. You should wear clothes made from denim and polyester, as they block the sun’s rays too. Many companies now manufacture comfortable, protective clothing that protects against sun damage. Look for sun-protective clothes with high UV Protection Factors (UPF) to protect your skin.

  1. Limit your time in the sun

It would help if you reduced the time spent outside to protect you from sunburn and potential skin cancer. Research shows that the sun’s UV rays are strongest between 10 am to 4 pm. Consequently, you should schedule outdoor activities in a way that circumvents this period. If you have to be outside within this time, bring an umbrella along or seek shade under trees and other shelters. Experts recommend practising the “shadow rule” for sun protection. The rule requires you to seek shade anytime your shadow is shorter than you, as this means the sun’s rays are too powerful. Doing this limits your sun exposure and prevents sunburn.

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