Elemental Herbology – Harmony Bath & Body Oil*

When it comes to adopting lockdown routines, I’m sure we’ve all got them. From last year’s sourdoughs and banana breads to Netflix binges, not all of them are the healthiest of behaviours. But this latest lockdown combined with the start of a new year has had me trying to incorporate more self-care into my day to day, and the results have been heavenly.

Normally, I don’t have time to start the week off with a bubble bath on a Monday morning, and I usually relegate face masks to a Sunday evening, but now, I’ve got more time to savour a leisurely routine, and one of my favourite products to enjoy has been Elemental Herbology’s Harmony Bath & Body Oil. A wonderfully nourishing oil, which can be added to baths, or smoothed directly on skin, I’m addicted to its fresh, zesty scent. Combining notes of Mandarin, Cedar Wood and Lime, the oil has been designed to calm and centre your mind, so it’s perfect for stressful times like these. I love applying the oil in the morning after showering – it’s great for preventing dryness caused by the cold weather, and even better – it leaves me smelling heavenly for hours. I don’t need to bother hunting out a perfume, which can feel a little extravagant, when all I’m doing it working from home.

Elemental Herbology Harmony Bath & Body Oil is priced at £28 and is available here.

Heaven by Deborah Mitchell – Pink Teaser Tweezers*

Now that we’re in our third lockdown, I feel like I’ve almost got a routine in place for before they start. I do a big shop, I make sure the cupboards are full, and then I make sure I get my brows waxed and tinted. It sounds crazy that it’s such a priority, but during the weeks (and weeks) of lockdown, having brows, which just need a little brow gel makes me feel (and look) much more pulled together.

The trick is just to tweeze my brows as they start to grow in, and for maximum precision, I’ve been loving the Heaven Teaser Tweezers, which are seriously sharp, as well as having a comb on the other end. It’s perfect for getting your brows perfectly shaped before you get to grips with stray hairs. It’s such a lifesaver for these weeks between appointments, and they’re so precise, I don’t need to worry about giving myself a weird bald spot in the middle of my brows. Instead, I can keep them relatively tidy, so it’s not a massive job getting them back to best once lockdown lifts.

Heaven by Deborah Mitchell Teaser Tweezers are priced at £14.50 and are available here.

Beauty Resolutions with Charlie Miller Haircare*

When it comes to New Year Resolutions, I’m not the best at them. I always want to do too much, and it can get a bit overwhelming about about January 3rd, so this year, I’m just resolving to take a bit better care of everything. From my work schedule to my daily routine, as long as I’m doing a bit better than normal, I’ll be happy, and when it comes to my daily regime, Charlie Miller haircare is making taking better care of my ends super easy. Their range of shampoos and conditioners are 100% Paraben free, and they’re safe to use even if you’ve got extensions in. With formulas for adding hydration, volume, and even a purple option to banish brassiness, I’ve been loving using their volumizing formula shampoo and moisturising conditioner each morning. As you might expect from such an established hairdresser, their formulas are seriously on point. Specifically formulated with Jasmine Extract, Organic Calendula Flower Extract and Organic Sage Oil to help lock in moisture, soothe a dry and flaking scalp and encourage new hair growth, whilst promoting healthy hair, it’s basically a great hair day bottled.

Once I’m out the shower, I’ve been trying to use as little heat as possible on my hair on a daily basis. On days when I do need to make a bit more of an effort (or, if I have to hop on a Zoom call) I’ve been really enjoying playing with Charlie Miller’s new styling products. On still wet hair, I’ve been using a few sprays of the new Volume Spritz – a lightweight product which gives my fine hair a real boost. The formula contains Jasmine Oil for extra shine, and it smells absolutely incredible too! Combined with a round brush blow out, it leaves my hair looking healthy, full and super bouncy – exactly how I want to face 2021!

You can find Charlie Miller haircare here.

LuxeList Gift Guide: The Shortbread House of Edinburgh*

When it comes to Christmas, I love adding a little treat or unexpected surprise into gifts, and this year, I’ve fallen a bit in love with Edinburgh-brand The Shortbread House. Baked in the capital, each of their biscuits are hand cut, and honestly, they are the tastiest biscuits I think I’ve ever tasted.

Packaged in the most beautiful tubes, decked out in designs by London designer Sara Miller, the shortbread makes for such a lovely Christmas gift. The brand make biscuits for everyone from Harvey Nichols to Fortnum & Mason, so you know they’re top tier. Enjoyed with a cup of tea or coffee, they are such a festive treat!

The Shortbread House’s Sara Miller designed tubes are priced at £10 and are available here.

LuxeList Gift Guide: Artem Luxe Silk Mask & Pillowcase*

When it comes to gifting, there’s nothing quite as glorious as a present which feels like a real indulgence. And honestly, there’s nothing quite as luxurious as a silk accessory. Edinburgh-based Artem Luxe has one of the most beautiful selection of goodies I’ve come across, which are perfect for festive gifting.

Silk is one of the best things you can sleep on – it’s far more gentle on both skin and hair, not to mention, it feels super-special to enjoy. As someone with wavy, dry hair, my hair tends to frizz and knot up overnight, but when I use the Artem Luxe pillowcase (£65), it stays so much tidier. Artem Luxe use 100% Mulberry Silk in their products, which is machine washable on a gentle setting, and it looks absolutely beautiful too.

For the ultimate evening-in, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with the Mulberry Silk Sleeping Mask (£38). The Pearl shade is just breathtakingly beautiful, and I feel so fancy getting to use it in the evening. After cleansing, I make sure my moisturisers have fully absorbed (usually about an hour after applying) before using the mask, as I’m obsessed with keeping it pristine, and it’s so, so lovely to use. The silk feels heavenly, and it effectively blocks out every peep of light, so I love to use it on nights when I want to enjoy a lie-in the next morning. On the evenings I use the mask, I sleep so, so well and the mask is incredibly comfortable to wear too.

Artem Luxe products are available here.

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