Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter

So, Urban Decay have just released their new summer 2016 collection, and I have to say, it’s incredible. From the new products to the packaging, everything in it is the definition of covetable, and I’m absolutely in love with all of it!

Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter 1

The product which is probably the one I reach for most out of the collection is the stunning Aferglow Highlighter in Sin. A take on last year’s Afterglow 8 Hour blushes, there are three highlighting shades to choose from: Sin is a neutral champagne shimmer which should suit most skin colours, Aura a pretty pink shimmer, and Fireball which is a warm red based highlighter which should add a glow to even the deepest of skin tones.


Packaged like their namesake blushes, the Afterglow Highlighter promises to make even the most tired of complexions glow, so, as you can imagine, I was absolutely desperate to try it out!


Sin is definitely a highlighter you can reach for daily, and I’ve been loving how easy and buildable the formula is. For day, I swirl a highlighting brush (this one) and the apply a light dusting to my cheekbones, nose and cupids’ bow. For a slightly more night-time look, I use a smaller, more densely packed brush which deposits a little more product.


Since the powder is so finely milled, it’s easy to apply without it looking too shimmery or frosted. Instead, it blends seamlessly into skin, leaving it looking naturally healthy, glowing and perfect for summer!

Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter in Sin is priced at £19.00 and is available here (UK) and here (US)


To mark Essie’s 35th birthday, the brand is releasing six of it’s best loved, most missed shades. From inky navies which have inspired bidding wars on Ebay, to the perfect nudes and neutrals, the Retro Revival collection is one you seriously have to check out!

Essie Starry Starry Night

Probably the most talked about shade from the collection is Starry Starry Night. First released back in 1985, the original formula contained real diamond dust for the most delicate of shimmers. Once Essie ran out of the diamonds, the polish was no more, and you can still (sometimes) find bottles of the stuff on Ebay going for hundreds of pounds! This reincarnation is slightly less glamorous in the fact that it just has regular glitter in it, but it’s no less pretty.

Essie Starry Starry Night Swatch

Two coats give a beautifully rich, jelly-like finish to the polish which dries to a deep navy. Since the glitter particles are a little bigger than before, you will need a thicker top coat to achieve a perfect, gel-like look, but it’s really worth it! Starry Starry Night glitters and glints in the light, and is a really fun way to wear a dark nail.

Essie Life of the Party

Life of the Party is an absolute stunner of a deep ruby. Shot through with the perfect does of shimmer, the polish is the absolute embodiment of glamour.

Essie Life of the Party swatch

With perfectly even coverage, I could almost get away with a single coat. To achieve a beautifully rich finish, I stuck with two. It has an even finish, and I can’t wait until the Festive season where I think it will come into it’s own!

Essie in a bikini with a martini

In a Bikini with a Martini might be the nail polish with the all time greatest name, and it’s a seriously pretty polish to match! Described as a frosted, iridescent pink, it’s definitely the girlies choice of the bunch, and it is a really beautiful, Barbie pink!

Essie in a bikini with a martini swatch

With a subtle touch of iridescence, In a Bikini with a Martini can do double duty, both as a polish and as a top coat. When finishing off a regular pink manicure, In a Bikini with a Martini gives a perfect amount of sheen and glitz. On bare nails, they brighten them up, leaving them looking so pretty and glossy.

Essie Sequin Sash

Sequin Sash is the polish which is probably the biggest surprise of the bunch, as it looks so different on the nail than it does in the bottle.

Essie Sequin Sash swatchProbably the thinnest of the six varnishes, Sequin Sash is a super delicate peachy pink which is shot through with the finest silver glitter. One coat of the polish gives nails a fairy-like sparkle whilst three coats gives an almost-opaque covering.

Essie Cabana Boy

Essie’s Cabana Boy dates back to 2005 and is probably the shade that launched a million neutral nail shades. I love the super-cool taupe/mushroom shade which feels super current despite being over a decade old!

Essie Cabana Boy Swatch

Somewhat surprisingly for such a light shade, Cabana Boy applies like an absolute dream. It’s super smooth, and is almost opaque in a single coat. It looks like moonlight on nails, and it’s a gorgeous Spring-time shade!

Essie Birthday Suit

Probably my most reached-for shade from the line up is Birthday Suit, a must-have super nude, which is one of those polishes every girl should have.

Essie Birthday Suit swatch

Three coats turned it into a super shiny, peach-toned nude which made my fingers look super long and thin (always good!) It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for a no-brainer manicure look that’s going to keep you looking smart and polished.

Essie’s Retro Revival Collection is full of real keepers, and the bottles are priced at £7.99 each, and are available here (UK) and here (US)


Every Sunday I treat myself to something of a Spa afternoon. It’s nothing too fancy or extravagant, but just a way to get prepared for the week. I leave a hair mask on, give my self a good scrub, and just basically relax for an hour or two before the craziness of the next week descends. The newest addition to my line up has been Lush’s brand new Ocean Salt Scrub, and in a word, it’s delicious!


Packaged in one of the brand’s signature screw top tubs, Ocean Salt Scrub is more liquid-y than I imagined, but it’s an absolute god-send if you’re after soft, smooth skin. And really, who isn’t?! It smells incredible thanks to the limes which are soaked in vodka in the formula. They’re then mixed with grapefruit, avocado butter, coconut oil and seaweed absolute. First of all, this smells absolutely incredible – it’s a soft zest scent which is just the epitome of summer. I’m also in love with the texture, the soft scrub feels like it gives skin a really good buffing without getting too rough, and my skin feels so soft after using it. This is definitely a summer staple!

Lush Ocean Salt Scrub is priced at £7.25 for 100g and are available here.

Liz Earle Super Skin Eye Cream

I’ve had something of a fascination with eye creams for pretty much as long as I can remember. There was always something so ‘grown up’ about smearing lotions and potions around my eyes, and I’ve been wearing a little every night since I was about 15 or 16. Extreme? Probably, but I figure it’s been a pretty good routine to get into, and my skin certainly isn’t complaining!

Liz Earle Super Skin Eye Cream 1

My latest find is Liz Earle’s newest release – Superskin Eye Cream, a rich formula which feels nourishing and cooling to apply. The cream has a beautifully rich consistency, so it’s perfect or dry and older skin types which need a real hit of moisture, and despite the thicker texture it never feels heavy on the skin. I’ve been patting on a little every night, applying it with my ring finger to freshly cleansed skin along with a little oil. Liz Earle have included rosehip, borage and cranberry seed oils in the blend to really nourish the skin, whilst Paracress extract lifts and firms skin and Pomegranate fruit and green tea extracts work to diminish dark circles. If, like me, you have seriously early mornings, and you don’t want to look like it, just pop a little of the Superskin Eye Cream on the night before, and no one needs to know!

Liz Earle Superskin Eye Cream is priced at £35.00 and is available here.

Maybelline Brow Drama Pomade Crayon

So, I don’t think that I’m the only one that’s more than a little obsessed with brows. I pluck them, fill them in, and condition them with a multitude of oils to keep them looking their best. Every morning I usually fill them in with one of my brow kits, but since Maybelline sent over their brand new Brow Drama Pomade Crayons, I have to say, keeping my brows looking full every morning has become a whole lot easier!

Maybelline Brow Drama Pomade Crayon 2

Available in three shades (I think there are four in the US), the Brow Drama Crayons make rocking a full brow as easy as colouring in! I have to say, I’ve never really dabbled in Maybelline’s brow offerings before, but I have been so impressed. The three colours should suit most people’s colouring, and the blonde option (Dark Blond) is the stuff of dreams. Usually when I try out blonde brow products, the colour veers either way too ashy and grey, or weirdly warm and red. Instead Maybelline sticks with a perfectly cool blonde which provides definition without looking heavy.

Maybelline Brow Drama Pomade Crayon 1

To use the Pomade crayons, I just use a spoolie brush to shape my brows, then lightly draw on the crayon using feathery strokes. Since it’s quite a thick tip, it doesn’t give hair-like strokes, instead it just fills in the brow without looking heavy. Then, once I’m happy with the shape and definition, I comb through my regular brow gel to keep everything in place. The colour lasts all day, and I am just in love with the colour!

Maybelline Brow Drama Pomade Crayon is priced at £5.99 each and they’re available here (UK) and here (US)