DKNY Women Limited Edition

Now that we’re into May, it feels like Summer might just be around the corner. Sure it’s snowed, rained and hailed all in the past four days, but I’m always looking forward to the better weather!

DKNY Women Limited Edition 3

So it feels pretty perfect to be wearing the new, limited edition DKNY Summer for Women fragrance. It’s a super fresh, zesty fragrance which just aches to be worn in the sunshine! When you first apply the perfume, the tops notes of lemon and peach create a super feminine scent which feels so fun to wear. I always feel like DKNY’s summer scents are so beautiful, they’re exactly how you want to smell in hot weather!

DKNY Women Limited Edition 2

The bottle itself may just be the tallest one I’ve come across (I guess it’s styled after the New York sky line) but I’ll overlook the sheer scale of the bottle for the to-die-for scent. As the day goes on, DKNY Summer settles into the heart notes of light florals. There are notes of waterlily, violet and rose, which give the perfume a perfect sense of depth, and it’s a super easy scent to wear. I’ve been reaching for it daily as I’m pretty addicted to the freshness!

DKNY Summer 2016 is priced at £44.00 and is available exclusively here.

Maybelline Dream Blender

It feels like new types of sponges are being brought out every two seconds, but I thought I would draw attention to Maybelline’s newest – the Dream Blender.

Maybelline Dream Blender 1

Looking a little like a candle, the Dream Blender feels like a firmer Beauty Blender with a handle, and the clean freak in me absolutely loves it! Before I use it, I dampen the sponge slightly, which tends to soften it up a little, and I love the fact that I can stand it up, without it rolling everywhere.

Maybelline Dream Blender 3

The Dream Blender has been designed to be used alongside their new Dream Velvet Foundation (review to come) but I’ve found it works equally well with my daily foundation line up (which currently rotates between YSL and Chanel).

Maybelline Dream Blender 4

The pointed tip means that it’s ridiculously easy to get to awkward areas like the around the nose, and I love the airbrushed effect that the blender creates.

Maybelline’s Dream Blender is priced at £4.99 and is available here (UK) and here (US).


If you’ve looked at a magazine or a beauty site in the past year or so, you’ve probably already heard of oil pulling. At its most basic form, it involves taking a small amount of coconut oil and swishing it around your mouth for upwards of 15 minutes. Minty Coco has made the process so much easier and even more pleasant with their adorable little sachets.

Cocomint review

Minty Coco sell their sachets in boxes of 14 – enough for at least a fortnight of oral upkeep, and I can pretty much guarantee, once you start oil pulling, you won’t be able to stop! It’s a little weird to get used to at first, but the results are so fantastic, I’ve already got another box on order! (Also, pro-tip, if you subscribe to monthly boxes of Minty Coco, you save a rather impressive 17%!)

Cocomint 2

Minty Coco recommend that you swish anywhere from 5-15 minutes daily, and I tend to do it for as long as possible. To start with, just warm the sachet up in your hands for a minute or two. It allows the coconut oil to melt from a solid to a liquid, then just pop the formula into your mouth. Then it’s just a case of swishing the oil for however long you’ve got.

Cocomint Sachet

Since the coconut oil that Minty Coco use is such high quality (it’s even been cold pressed), it doesn’t taste overly coconut-y, and the dash of peppermint oil leaves my mouth feeling and smelling fresh. I have to say, I’m surprised at how quickly I’ve seen results! Even after my first sachet, my teeth looked a lot whiter (with none of the tenderness I usually get if I bleach), but my teeth even felt great. Super smooth and healthy – I love how healthy the sachets are to use, and they’re great to use, even if your on a vegan diet

Have you ever tried Oil Pulling?

14 sachets of Coco Mint are available for £23.99 here.


Dior Equinox Eyeshadow

Can you believe we’ve hit May already?! This time next month and 2016 is half way done – crazy! For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been feeling the need to lighten up my makeup routine. I’ve swapped foundations, and I had been looking for something to lighten up my eyes when I happened across Dior’s brand new Diorshow Fusion Mono Mirror-Shine Eyeshadow in Equinox.

Dior Equinox Eyeshadow 2

I had popped into Boots for a quick browse, and had joked that I wasn’t allowed to buy another lipgloss or eyeshadow pretty much ever. Of course, I left clutching this as well as a pretty pink gloss (review here) without a jot of buyer’s remorse. Honestly, as well as having possibly the longest name in my makeup bag, I don’t have anything quite like the Dior Diorshow Fusion Mono Mirror-Shine Eyeshadow.

Dior Equinox Eyeshadow 3

Packaged in an über chic glass jar, the Dior Diorshow Fusion Mono Mirror-Shine Eyeshadow comes complete with a little foam tipped brush and instructions on how to use it. Honestly though, it couldn’t be easier. Every morning I’ve been using a little primer, then using my finger to pat a little of the formula over my entire lid.

Dior Equinox Eyeshadow 1

The formula of the Dior Diorshow Fusion Mono Mirror-Shine Eyeshadow is something really special. It feels cooling and calming to wear, and I’m obsessed with the colour. It’s the perfect cool-toned taupe which sparkles and shimmers in the light. It provides a light wash of colour which lasts all day, and I just love the colour!

Dior Equinox Eyeshadow 4

If I need to intensify my look, I use the applicator to smudge a little of the shadow into my upper and lower lash lines. It’s a no-fail, super easy way to create an eye look that looks both chic and sophisticated.

Dior Diorshow Fusion Mono Mirror-Shine Eyeshadow is priced at £25.00 and is available here (UK) and here (US)


If you’re planning on travelling soon, or if you don’t like hoarding a million and one bottles of product in the shower, you need to get down to Lush and grab a few of their Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub Bars. They’ve quickly become something of a cult item in my house, and they are seriously oh-my-god amazing!

DSC_0118 2

First off, I’m obsessed with the fact they they come in dinky little package-free squares which you can just pop into your suitcase or shower depending on where you are! Since I’m manically trying to get my skin summer-ready I went hard-core and brushed the bar upwards on dry skin. It’s surprisingly gentle on skin for something that’s such a great exfoliant, and I love the fact that it feels like it’s nourishing the skin as well as sloughing it off. The feel is down to the mix of sea salt to buff and Cupuacu Butter which are all natural, and are formulated to leave skin feeling incredibly soft.


I’m also absolutely in love with the scent of the Rub Rub Rub body scrub. Lush have included a mix of Jasmine and Orange Flower for their uplifting qualities. It smells amazing, clean, and almost baby powder like, and it has to be the easiest way to exfoliate I’ve come across!

Lush’s Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub is priced at £5.95 and is available here.


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