Zoeva Black Box*


If there’s something that I reach for daily, no matter what type of makeup look I’m aiming for, it’s eyeliner. I don’t think anything else makes you look (or feel for that matter) more awake than a slick of it, and I just love how customisable it is. For days in the office, or casual afternoons, I tend to rely on a swipe of pencil, but for evenings out, I’ve been loving playing around with something a little more dramatic or geometric.


The pencil I probably use most regularly out of the set’s four choices is the Graphic Eyes pencil in ‘Black To Earth’ pencil which is a super smooth, waterproof liner that works incredibly on the waterline. A single stroke gives slick definition which is perfect for a sleek and easy day look.


The formula is super creamy, with incredible colour payoff. A single stroke is super-black, and once is more than enough for day, and if I’m heading out after work, it’s so easy to add a little more to achieve a slightly more dramatic look.


If I’m looking to get a smokier, more rock’n’roll look, I’ve been turning to the Soft Kohl Eyeliner in ‘Noir.’ It’s the kohl of your dreams, as it’s so easy to smoke out, without turning too panda-esque. I love it applied across the top of my upper lash line, then messes up a little using a blending brush. It provides the perfect amount of drama which only needs a little mascara and gloss to complete the look!


Much like the other pencil in the set, Zoeva’s Khol is just the dream. The formula is soft enough to manipulate with fingers or a brush when applying, but once it dries, it will.not.move.


If I’m wanting to create a look that’s seriously dramatic, the set’s Calli Graphic Liquid Eyeliner in ‘Black.’ Packaged with a fine tip and liner which you dip it into, it’s the perfect product for adding a Cleopatra-esque flick to evening eye looks.


As someone who isn’t all too confident creating serious ‘looks’ (I watch those you-tube tutorials in awe) this couldn’t be easier to use! After applying a subtle taupe over my lid, then blending a deeper chocolate into my socket and into the lash line, I’ve been adding a lick of this from the inner corners, all the way to the flick. Super pigmented, and very black, it’s a no fail way to make me feel terribly glamorous, and it’s deep colour and matte finish could feel more chic!


Last but not least, is probably the liner which I find most fun to use in the set – the Graphic Eyes pen in ‘Black To Earth.’ After spending years pretty much exclusively using pencil liners, I’ve been adding a subtle cat eye to day looks when I want to mix it up a little.


The superfine tip means that adding a subtle line to my upper lash line couldn’t be easier. I trace the upper lash line ending in a super subtle kitten flick. I love how it’s an easy way to update my makeup, without having to put a whole lot more work in!

Zoeva Black Box Liners is priced at £19.99 and is available here.

Liz Earle Superskin Treatment Oil for Body*


Over the summer, it’s fair to say I fell in love with Liz Earle’s Superskin Treatment Oil. I’ve been using it pretty religiously for the past few months, and I’ve just loved how it’s regulated my dry skin, leaving it so soft and smooth. I’m not the only one either – my mother has stolen my original bottle, meaning I’m already half way through my second!


So when I heard that the brand was releasing a brand new Superskin Treatment Oil for body, you can’t even imagine how quickly I tracked a bottle of the stuff down! Packaged in a brushed glass bottle, it’s a gorgeous package which looks so lovely and luxurious to use.


I’ve been using the Superskin Treatment Oil for body most nights as the skin on areas like my legs and arms can get pretty dry, and since it’s going to get a whole lot colder, I want to get my skin under control as soon as possible! The formula feels rich and cooling to apply, and I tend to slap on a generous layer after showering.


Like it’s facial counterpart, the Superskin Treatment Oil for Body is filled with active plant botanicals including cranberry, borage & reship seed. Even though the oil is quite thick, it’s easily absorbed, and I can’t tell you how soft and smooth my skin feels after using it. The effects last for days, and I’m such a convert!

Liz Earle Superskin Treatment Body Oil launches next month and will be £35

Bobbi Brown Lip Color – Orange*


When it comes to lip colours, I usually stay squarely in the neutral zone. Pinks, beiges and taupes fill my makeup bag, so it’s always fun to mix things up a little. When I was at the Bobbi Brown event a couple of weeks ago I was very kindly gifted the most incredible of goody bags, filled with the best of what the brand has to offer. The first thing I pulled out was this Lip Colour in Orange.


Honestly, it’s not a colour I would regularly go for, but I’m so glad that I’ve had the chance to try it, because it is gorgeous! Packaged in Bobbi Brown’s signature black and gold bullet, Orange is a true-to-name shade which feels so fun to wear! It’s perfect with a tan, as the shade’s warm undertones really highlight bronzer skin, making it look luminous. If you’re a regular red-lip wearer this is a great alternative, and is still a super pretty way to add a pop of colour. The lipstick’s colour payoff is great – the formula feels silky smooth, and gives great colour payoff. I got three hours of wear before I felt the need to reapply.

Bobbi Brown’s Orange Lip Color is priced at £21 and is available here.

Arconic Curved Paddle Brush*


If you’ve got medium or long hair, I’m pretty sure you know the hassle of blow dries! Since my hair just looks weird if I don’t wash it every morning, I’m well acquainted with numerous blow dry techniques (I can’t even tell you how many big round brushes I own!), but I’m always looking for something to make my mornings easier!


The Arconic Curved Paddle Brush is one of those inventions you wonder why no-one thought of previously. It’s like your favourite paddle brush fused with your favourite barrel brush, and it means that blowing your hair out has never been easier or quicker!


The brush has been designed especially for medium to long hair and as a result, it’s quite a big thing to wield, but the size of the brush head, means that it really gets through hair – detugging like a dream and it’s comfortable to hold, as well as easy to use.


Thanks to the design, the brush pulls hair taught as you blow dry it, and the bend gives hair the perfect amount of bounce. It means that getting a salon-worthy blowout has never been easier, and I swear it’s taken at least ten minutes off my regular blow dries!

The Arconic Paddle brush is priced at £19.99 and is available here.


The Lobster Shack – North Berwick


Over the past few weekends, for one reason or another, I’ve found myself ending up in North Berwick. Before this summer, I’d never even ventured to the town, but now, since it’s only a half hour drive from Edinburgh, I’ve become quite the regular!


Discussing places to go in the town, everyone had something great to say about The Lobster Shack, so it was about time to go explore the harbour and indulge in a little fresh seafood!


The Lobster Shack is located right in the centre of North Berwick’s harbour, and you can’t miss it. If the blue and red shed wasn’t eye-catching enough, there will be a long, though quick-moving, line of people all debating over the small, well balanced menu.

DSC_0429Considering that The Lobster Shack consists of a single ‘shack’ with one chef and a few wait staff who buzz around taking orders, tidying and doing whatever else, the menu has everything you could enjoy on a sunny day in Scotland, and from beginning to queue to being served up with steaming boxes of seafood, could have only been 15 minutes. Considering it was a sunny afternoon, it was a pleasure to stand outside and watch the boats come and go and relax a little.


We opted to sample three of the menu’s best-loved dishes – a half lobster, breaded haddock and a carton of seafood chowder. Honestly, I forgot to photograph the chowder, but it was the best cup of the stuff I’ve had outside of the American East Coast. It was indulgently creamy, with hunks of potato, haddock and lobster. Served with slices of crusty bread, it was the perfect start to an indulgent lunch in the sunshine. Then we moved onto the mains – both hulking boxes of seafood, chips, salad and coleslaw. The breaded Haddock and Chips is the fish supper of your dreams. The fish was juicy, the breading crisp, and the double-cooked chips were crunchy on the outside, yet still pleasingly light and fluffy in the middle.


I went for the half North Berwick Lobster, and honestly, I think it’s one of the best meals I’ve had in a while. Cooked simply with a little garlic butter (the remnants of which are poured over the chips) the half lobster was a gleaming mass of fresh meat, just waiting to be wrestled out it’s shell. Wonderfully sweet, the freshness of it was evident, and sitting in the sunshine enjoying it was absolutely heavenly!


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