MAC Cremesheen Glass Such Sweeties

To be honest, I’ve not bought anything from MAC for quite a while. Even though their collections are always super fun, and very beautiful, they don’t often suit my style of makeup. The colours seem a little too pigmented, or they just seem a little off in a way. All that changed though when I caught sight of their Flamingo Park Collection!MAC Cremesheen Glass Such Sweeties 1

Filled with the most beautiful pink shades you can imagine, Flamingo Park was just too good not to dip into, so I treated myself to the Cremesheen Glass in Such Sweeties. It’s not going to revolutionise the wheel, and it looks awfully similar to a million other lip glosses I own, but the truth is, it’s an absolute winner of a shade! I’m obsessed with the not-too-light pink shade which is so easy to wear, and I’ve been reaching for it daily since I purchased it.

MAC Cremesheen Glass Such Sweeties 1

The formula contains the teeniest flecks of blue shimmer, so teeth look ultra white, and I just love the rich, balmy feel. I had forgotten how fun MAC glosses are, and I can’t wait to try some more shades. I would love to hear your suggestions!

MAC Cremesheen Glass in Such Sweeties is priced at £17.50 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

Paul & Joe Smudgeproof Mascara

Now that the weather is getting a whole lot better, I’m loving sporting a slightly lighter makeup look. I’ve ditched my heavier formulas, and I’ve even abandoned powder shadows in favour of lighter, creamier products. Another change I’ve made is the introduction of Paul & Joe’s Smudgeproof Mascara.

Paul & Joe Smudgeproof Mascara 1

First of all, the packaging is the definition of darling. Granted, I don’t understand why a black mascara is in a brown tube, but despite that, I’m absolutely loving the vintage-style packaging.

Paul & Joe Smudgeproof Mascara 2

Available in three colours (black, brown and blue), the first thing I loved about the mascara was the curved wand. I’ve been known to bend mascara wands myself, so getting one already one is such a nice treat. Unlike many of my mascaras, Paul & Joe’s doesn’t pump and plump lashes, instead it coats lashes, lengthens them, and leaves them glossy and black. The effect lasts all day, and true to the name, the mascara will.not.smudge! Even though I tried it out during a variety of activities – despite my best efforts at the gym, at work and walking along the beach, the mascara just stays put, leaving lashes looking great!

Paul & Joe Smudgeproof Mascara is priced at £17.00 and is available here.

Bumble & Bumble Lotion Primer

Even though every single hairdresser I’ve ever visited has warned me about the damage heat styling does to hair (coupled with highlights) I can’t shake my dryer and straightener habit. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to rock bedhead waves with the best of them, but if I leave my hair to dry on its own, I’m left with a weird, fuzzy mess thats messy in some spots, wavy in others, and sits at odd angles. It’s just not ideal really, so, until I pluck up the courage to go for a Brazilian Blowout, I’m stuck styling my hair every morning.

Bumble & Bumble Lotion Primer 1Thankfully though, Bumble & Bumble has been making the process so much easier since I’ve been using their Tonic Lotion Primer. I’m a big fan of the brand’s Primers in general, and I’ve been addicted to the Hairdresser’s Oil one for about 18 months, and this has been a new addition to my routine that I’m absolutely loving! After washing and conditioning my hair as normal, I squeeze out excess water with a towel, then spray the Tonic over my lengths and ends (with a small amount on my front layers that can feel a little dry). I then comb my hair through, add a little styling cream and get to blow drying and straightening the ends as normal.

The formula feels lightweight, and never weighs down my hair. Instead, the formula, which is rich in  herbs, vitamins & Tea Tree Oil which work to hydrate dried out ends and make hair look shiny and feel super soft. I love the tingle that the Tea Tree Oil gives, and it makes hair smell so fresh and clean! It’s also great if you suffer with scalp issues – it really cares for the skin and prevents flakes or dryness!

Bumble and Bumble Tonic Lotion is priced at £17.50 and is available here.


House of Holland Nails

Even though I absolutely adore having my nails done, I love how they look, and I love the way feel, so sometimes it’s necessary to have a bit of a cheat’s option. Elegant Touch has partnered up with British designer Henry Holland to create a selection of press on nails which are perfect if you’re looking for something a little bit different!

House of Holland Glitterbug NailsThere are an absolute tonne of designs to choose from, varying from seriously statement-making to verging on subtle, but they’re all gorgeous, and look like you’ve just dashed out of a swish nail salon.

House of Holland Glitterbug Nails 1

I was very kindly sent three of the designs to try out, and I have to say, even though they are at least a hundred times flashier than my regular nails, I absolutely adore them!

House of Holland Dip Dye Nails

All three sets of nails I tried were long almond in shape, and I don’t think there was a day when I had these on that at least someone didn’t rush up and ask where I had my nails done!

House of Holland Dip Dye Nails 2

Applying the nails couldn’t be easier – the glue and files are all included in the little sets, and all you have to do is choose the size of nail that best suits your finger, add a little glue, press down for a couple of minutes and voila = instant manicure! The lasting power is pretty impressive too – I got four days of wear with mine (granted I was very careful with my nails) before they started to ping off.


House of Holland La Croix Nails 1

The range of designs available is absolutely huge, and I’m obsessed with these nude nails complete with bedazzled crosses. They are just the prettiest colour, and the added sparkle just adds so much glamour!

Henry Holland & Elegant Nails are priced from £8.99 and are available here


SK-II Facial Treatment Oil

To say that I’m a fan of facial oils is something of an understatement. I’ve worn them pretty religiously for the past couple of years, so I jumped at the chance to give SK-II’s brand new Facial Treatment Oil!


SK-II Facial Treatment Oil 1

It’s a brand new release from the brand, who promise that it both nourishes and smoothes dry skin. As someone with skin that tends to feel parched far too regularly, I couldn’t even wait to try the Facial Treatment Oil before photographing it!

SK-II Facial Treatment Oil 3

Packaged in a super-chic frosted glass bottle, I love how simple and paired down it is. It looks so glamorous sitting in my little bedtime skincare set, and it’s become one of my most-loved products to use every evening (and even some mornings!).

SK-II Facial Treatment Oil 2

Like the rest of the SK-II range, the Facial Treatment Oil treats skin with the brand’s key ingredient – Pitera. It sounds like something out of a fairytale, but the anti-aging properties of Pitera were only discovered when an SK-II official noticed that the hands of men who worked in Sake production looked incredibly youthful. The result was finding out about Pitera’s somewhat magical properties, and they’ve been included in SK-II products ever since.

SK-II Facial Treatment Oil 6

The magic of Pitera is included in the Facial Treatment Oil, as well as naturally-derived Mediterranean olive oil, Latin American jojoba oil, South African avocado oil, Japanese Riceterol Ester, rice bran oil, and squalene which all work together to deeply moisturise and nourish the skin.

SK-II Facial Treatment Oil 5

As you can see, the Facial Oil is a bi-phase formula, which means before using you do need to give the bottle a little shakeup to mix everything together. Like I said, I’ve been using it nightly, pressing a few drops into freshly cleansed skin. Thanks to the bottle top, it’s incredibly easy to ration out a few droplets which I then apply all over my face, neck and décolletage.

SK-II Facial Treatment Oil 4

I just love the subtle lavender and carrot scent which is so unlike my other products. I am also completely in love with the oil’s texture. Unlike others which can feel too slippery, SK-II’s is surprisingly thicker than most, but sinks in like an absolute dream. My skin absolutely drinks it up, and if I’m looking for a dewy foundation look, I press a drop into my cheekbones for a subtle glow.

SK-II Facial Treatment Oil is priced at £102 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

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