Beauty Laundrette Cotton Smooth Creamy Body Moisturiser*


I’m not sure about you, but all this talk about quarantine, lock-downs and self isolation has sent me screaming into my beauty stash. Never have I masked or moisturised so regularly, and if you come into my house at any point in the next three weeks, it’s pretty much guaranteed I’ll be sporting some product of one type or another. One of my new favourite brands, which, thanks to slick packaging and affordable prices, has been somewhat distracting me from the doom and gloom is Beauty Laundrette. Exclusive to Superdrug, the products all have a slight laundry-inspired slant, and they’re adorable to boot.


The Cotton Smooth Creamy Body Moisturiser has quickly become a morning staple. Lightweight and surprisingly nourishing, the cream sinks quickly into skin without leaving my feeling sticky or tacky. I love the light, fresh scent it’s got too – equally floral and soapy, it’s perfect for the up-coming Spring. The bottle is a generous 250ml, so I’ve been slathering it on my arms and legs each morning, and even after a few weeks, I’ve hardly made a dent in the stuff.

Beauty Laundrette Cotton Smooth Creamy Body Moisturiser  is priced at £3.99 and is available here

Goodbody Relax Bath Bomb*

DSC_0440If there’s been a few weeks where I’ve been in need of some serious me-time, it’s been the past fortnight. Like most of the UK, the situation with Covid-19 has pretty much turned my world upside down, and to say it’s been stressful is a serious understatement.


I’ve been making the time to incorporate as much self-care into my day as possible. From working out, to using my very favourite products, I’m trying to keep everything as positive as possible in these uncertain times. An absolute game-changer in guaranteeing a good night’s sleep, the Goodbody Relax Bath Bomb combines 20mg full spectrum CBD oil with lavender, to create the most heavenly bath.


As you can imagine, it smells absolutely heavenly, and the fact that you have to enjoy the bath for at least 20 minutes to enjoy the full benefits, means I really get to relax and unwind. I’ve already ordered a couple to enjoy on a weekly basis, and it’s a great excuse to catch up on a little ready, and stop worrying about what’s happening for an hour or two!

Goodbody Relax Bath Bomb is priced at £9.99 and is available here

Oral-B Genius X – A perfect Mother’s Day Gift*


I’m not sure about you, but my mother is possibly the hardest person in the world to buy a gift for. She knows exactly what she likes, so choosing the perfect gift can feel a little stressful – which is exactly where Oral-B’s Genius X in Rose Gold comes in. The most stylish electric toothbrush I’ve seen so far, you can choose from blush pink (my choice), rose gold or black. Prior to gifting the brush, I’ve downloaded the Oral-B app onto my mum’s phone (I’ve hidden it away in an unused folder), as the brush comes equipped with AI technology.


It’s this technology which really sets the Oral-B Genius X apart from the crowd. Once downloaded, the app and the brush work together to see exactly where you’re brushing, where you need to pay a little more attention, and even lets you know if you’re brushing a little too heavily. It’s a genius addition to your morning routine, and through continued use, the smart brushing can help maintain a healthy mouth and smile – Oral-B says this will even cut dental bills. Talk about the gift which keeps on giving! It’s this AI, which logs how long you spend brushing each area of the mouth, comparing it to the data of other Oral-B users, and it can work

This AI logs how long you spend brushing each area of the mouth, comparing it to the data of other Oral-B users, and it can work In addition to the Oral-B Genius X’s sleek looks and impressive tech, it’s incredibly easy to use. There are a number of settings to choose from, ranging from gentle to whitening, so you can adjust your brushing to your own individual needs.

Depending on your choices, the icons on the front light up, and when connected to the app, you can even choose what colour the brush lights up with. I’m a huge fan of the fact that it keeps you brushing for the full 2 minutes recommended by dentists (most people tend to brush for only 30 seconds) as I’m easily distracted in the mornings.

The round brush head removes up to 100% of plaque buildup along the gum line, meaning healthier gums and cleaner teeth. It also allows you to really control your movements, and focus on each individual tooth. I know I’ve been pressing a little too hard, but the brush reminds you to relax a little thanks to a red light and subtle shudder.

Rather incredibly, a single charge will give you about two weeks of charge, and the toothbrush comes with a USC chargeable travel case, which will keep your toothbrush charged throughout your travels, as well as a regular charging station which you can stash in your bathroom.


For best results, Oral-B recommend that the brush should be used alongside their 3D White Luxe toothpaste. Designed to remove up to 100% of surface stains, the combination of supercharged Genius X toothbrush and 3D White Luxe toothpaste is the perfect way to gift the healthiest (and best looking) smile for mum this Mother’s Day.

Oral-B Genius-X toothbrush has an RRP of £340, and you can find it here (UK) and here (US)


Goodbody Wellness CBD Body Oil*


When it comes to the whole ‘self-care’ revolution which is going on, I feel like CBD oil has been a bit of a game-changer. By nature I’m a worrier – whenever I do pretty much anything, I’ll run through every outcome, several times. It can be exhausting, and it takes a whole lot of time and energy, and it’s one of the things I’m working on for 2020. I’ve been looking at a variety of ways to help encourage a sense of calm, and CBD oil has really helped me calm down and take things in my stride.


One of the easiest ways to include the supplement into my daily routine is with GoodBody’s CBD Body Oil, a rich, hydrating oil which suspends 5% CBD in sweet almond oil. It’s a glorious formula, which smells faintly of vanilla and almond, and it smoothes into skin beautifully. I’ve been smoothing on a few pumps of the oil each night after my shower to help me get ready for bed (not to mention to combat winter skin).


Not only does my skin look and feel so much softer and smoother, but I’ve been sleeping so much more deeply than before. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night anymore, and I’m waking up feeling much more alert and ready to face the day ahead.

Goodbody Wellness CBD Body Oil is priced at £29.99 and is available here

Lush Double Vitality Bath Oil


When it comes to baths, I like a long one. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as taking an hour out of your day, putting on some music, and kicking back with a great book. Lush bath bombs are my normal go-to – I find them super soothing, and I love being able to tailor my baths to my moods.


On a recent stock-up trip to Lush, I noticed that they’re now selling solid Bath Oils, and even better – this one is absolutely neon pink! Scented with Sicilian lemon oil and peppermint oil, it’s much peppier than my normal choices – so it’s perfect for an indulgent morning bath! Fortified with a shea butter centre, it’s intensely moisturising for winter skin, and it smells absolutely incredible. After using it, I felt far perkier than before – and it’s become something of a must-have for (my very few) lazy mornings.

Lush Double Vitality Bath Oils are priced at £2.95 each, and they’re available here

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