Foreo Luna Launches First Ever Lunar-Inspired Skincare Regime*


One of the most-used and loved gadgets in my beauty collection is the Foreo Luna (full review here), it makes my evening face mask treatment feel like a trip to the spa, and it’s dinky enough to slide into my makeup bag on nights away too. With the ability to heat up, cool down and provide numerous shades of light therapy, it feels like there is nothing that the UFO can’t do, so I was intrigued when Foreo announced that they had released a new skincare regime inspired by the lunar cycles in conjunction with Jade Mordente, a Reiki practitioner, crystal healer and mystic.


Jade Mordente has said: “The lunar-cycle takes place over 29.5 days and consists of eight key phases. There are most definitely unique energies and spiritual meanings behind each phase — which can be explained by science, experience and faith. “The first four waxing phases of the Moon are filled with excitement, inspiration and confidence. We are cosmically recharged, we feel experimental. We know that anything is possible. The final four waning phases of the lunar-cycle call for us to reflect inwards. To relax, accept and surrender. We slow down, we breathe, and we nourish our skin, as we do our mind and soul. With this in mind, I was thrilled to work with FOREO to take this powerful cycle and create a unique regime that matches each phase perfectly to achieve beautiful, cosmically-charged skin.”


So, if you’ve been planning to switch it up, or get experimental with some new products, now is the time to do it. Just like the New Moon, the Glow Addict mask is youthful and radiant. It’s pearl-infused, vitamin-rich and filled with powerful antioxidants to leave your skin bright, smooth and naturally dewy. Waxing Crescent: The empowering energy of the New Moon is still making us feel like anything is possible, so we need our skincare routine to embody this radiance. Now is the time to go for products that mirrors our internal glow and leaves us feeling revitalised. Shimmer Freak is a shot of espresso for your skin that will leave you looking as radiant as you feel during the Waxing Crescent phase. This rose-water, caffeine and niacinamide blend revitalises the skin around the eyes, diminishing dark circles and fine lines.


First Quarter Moon: Our energy levels are slowly beginning to decrease, and we need to be ready to overcome any unexpected challenges today brings. We must remember that the day is ours for the taking – and focus. Using a rose-quartz roller and morning mask should do the trick. Make My Day is the surge of energy our skin needs in the First Quarter phase – and the very first of its kind. Let this luxurious mix of red algae and hyaluronic acid reveal a tighter, brighter complexion in just 90-seconds, while protecting the face from harmful free-radicals all day long. Waxing Gibbous: The final step towards fullness brings a moment of clarity. All of our efforts are coming into fruition, our powerful intuition is at its peak. We reflect and refine with a product that nourishes us with natural radiance. It’s time to slow down. The Waxing Gibbous Moon calls for us to slow down, so grab a blanket, light some incense and let this powerful super-berry blend do the work. Packed with the finest, all-natural active ingredients, our vegan Acai Berry Mask fights the signs of ageing, while is nurturing component Shea Butter gently tones and smooths the skins surface. Full Moon: The Full Moon has a powerful effect on our emotional and physical being that comes with a knock-you-off-your-feet force. Fill a warm bath with salts, oils and crystals. Tonight, it’s all about feeling relaxed, replenished and restored. Call It a Night is the ultimate skin-care spell. Embodying the luminous glow of the Full Moon in the night sky, this relaxing blend of rejuvenating Ginseng and deeply-nurturing Olive Oil will leave your skin looking plump, radiant and restored.


Waning Gibbous: The Waning Gibbous energy is harmonious. We are now on the other side of the emotionally-charged cosmic peak and this phase calls for us to reflect. Keeping our skincare natural and simple is advised. Unparalleled in its purity, this medicinal blend of potent plant-extracts make our vegan Green Tea mask as balanced as the Waning Moon’s cosmic-plateau. It cleanses, it soothes and it conditions the skin, leaving a naturally healthy glow that lasts. Last Quarter Moon: We slowly settle back into equilibrium and feel that powerful cosmic glow cultivates all around us. Let’s blow away any lingering self-doubt and look for a skincare routine to match; a deep, purifying cleanse. The magic of our Matte Maniac mask is that it offers the deepest cleanse in our range. This oil-free purifier is a one-stop detox for the face which combines active charcoal, snow lotus and witch hazel to draw out impurities and remove excess sebum. Waning Crescent: As the lunar-cycle comes to completion, we take a moment to honour ourselves and our achievements. We surrender, we reflect, we accept, and we breathe. Our skin needs a final surge of nourishing hydration, something to give us that youthful glow. As the Waning Crescent Moon subsides, let our two-minute facial give your skin final burst of cosmic youth. Our ultra-hydrating H20verdose Mask drenches the skin in moisture, Hyaluronic Acid and powerful Ceramide 3, giving you a supple and dewy complexion that will last well into the next cycle. Aligning our skincare with the eight unique phases over 29.5 days of the lunar-cycle can help us cultivate a routine that gives us a radiant cosmic glow every day of the month.

You can treat yourself to your own Foreo UFO regime here (UK) and here (US)


Smug Contoured 3D Blackout Eyemask*


When it comes to beauty tips, the simplest are always the most effective – drink lots of water and get your sleep, eat your greens. It’s a trio we’ve known about for years, and whilst there’s shortcuts to getting those vitamins in, and it’s easy to carry around your water bottle around, getting good quality sleep is sometimes tougher than you’d like it to be.

DSC_0686-2This week (fingers crossed) I’m getting a new bed delivered, so, in my attempts to enjoy the ultimate night’s sleep, I’ve unwrapped my Smug Eye Mask, and I couldn’t be happier with it. With a super fun design – I love the fuchsia pink with golden lashes, the mask has a 3D design which sits away from the eyes, meaning you don’t get that stifling feeling some masks give you – perfect for warm nights.


The mask has blackout technology, so even though it’s bright on the outside, the interior leaves you in complete darkness – perfect for combatting bright early mornings. Incredibly comfortable to wear – the mask is lash-friendly (important once the salons open back up) and stays on all night long.

Smug Sleep Masks are priced at £12 and are available here

Lumity Nutrient Rich Skin Saviour 4-in-1 Cleanse*


I have been absolutely dying for a facial in weeks – there’s something a bit magical about laying down for an hour or two, relaxing, then emerging with a glowing complexion and a whole new outlet on life. I miss my regular sessions, and in place of taking a few hours out of my regime, I’ve been making the time to enjoy a similar experience at home – and Lumity have made it easier to give my skin a some much-needed TLC with their Nutrient Rich Skin Saviour 4-in-1 Cleanse.


I had previously thought that Lumity was a supplements-only brand, so finding out that they make incredible skincare too, was a real treat. Their Nutrient Rich Skincare Saviour is a multitasking balm, which does everything from cleanse skin to treat it, and it’s a complete joy to use. Packaged in a chic screw-top jar, the formula contains 31 powerful botanical ingredients, including activated bamboo charcoal, biodegradable jojoba beads, green tea extract, camellia seed oil and a blend of aromatherapy essential oils which can do everything from cleanse makeup to work as an effective mask which is gentle enough to use twice per day.


I’m kind of obsessed with how dramatic the black formula is (the colour comes from the charcoal) and it works to detoxify skin. On a normal basis, I use the Skin Saviour for my evening cleanse, as it gets rid of every scrap of makeup – even mascara. The naturally-derived jojoba beads gently exfoliate skin, and they’re biodegradable, so super sustainable too! When applied, there is a wonderful warming sensation which starts up once you massage the balm into skin, and my skin feels so soft and nourished  after using the balm. I’m obsessed with the scent too – it’s the closest thing to that spa experience that I’ve come across during lockdown.

Lumity Nutrient Rich Skin Saviour 4-in-1 Cleansing Balm is priced at £55 and is available here.

Alteya Centifolia Rose Water*


When it comes to beauty buys, one of my most-used has to be facial sprays. I use them for pretty much everything – fresh out the shower, I give my face a mist pre-serum and  moisturiser, I  use my mist again once my makeup’s on, and throughout the day, whenever I want a little freshen up, it comes out again. Making sure my mist is working to hydrate and protect my skin is of paramount importance, which is why I’ve fallen a bit in love with Alteya’s Centifolia Rosewater.

Made with Centifolia roses, which each have 100 petals and are harvested by hand in the early morning, the rose water is a beautifully calming and soothing mist, which is perfect for summer spritzing. Rose is known for its skincare benefits – it can hydrate and soothe, and well as gently tone skin. Packaged in an amber glass bottle, it’s not the easiest to travel with, but used in the hour, I love it to skin skin looking and feeling its best all day long.

Alteya Centifolia Rose Water is priced at £11.55 and is available here.

Tonic High Dose Vitamin Drink*


Obviously, over the past few months, staying healthy has pretty much been my number one concern. I can’t tell you how many bottles of hand sanitiser, soap and the like I’ve powered through, trying to lessen the risk of catching anything. A seriously easy way to stay virus-free has been enjoying a cup of Tonic High Dose every morning. Packaged in individual sachets, each drink packs high impact vitamins, minerals, and natural plant extracts into a surprisingly tasty hot drink.


Each morning, I mix a sachet into hot water and enjoy it as I get down to emails. It’s doesn’t taste too different than a hot ribena, although it’s got many more benefits. Up to 50% stronger than comparable drinks, Tonic’s Elderberry & Blackcurrant Vitamin drink contains real fruit extracts alongside high doses of vitamin C, D and Zinc, which help to contribute to the normal function of the immune system. Perfect if you’re looking to build up some defences. Although airline travel feels far off, I’ll be slipping these into my carry-on, and they combat any bugs you pick up far too easily! A few weeks ago, I thought I was getting a bit of a sore throat, so I had two cups of Tonic, and treated myself to an early night. The next morning I was right as rain.

Tonic Elderberry & Blackcurrant Vitamin Drinks are priced at £6.50 for 10 here

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