Congratulations – we made it to Friday! Is it just me, or are the weeks absolutely flying past at the moment?! Between work and general life, I feel like I haven’t been able to take  a breath for a while, and it doesn’t feel right that tomorrow is September – this year is just going by far too fast! To try and take it down a couple of notches, I’ve been making an effort to head to the gym each evening, and work off some excess energy in a productive way (sitting at a computer all day will never feel right) and although I’m feeling a lot more energetic each morning – my muscles have never felt tighter. So when I was perusing Temple Spa’s massage oil section earlier this week, I could resist popping their Work it Out body oil into my basket. I’ve spoken before about trying to get that spa-level of relaxation at home, and it’s something I stand by. I might not have time in my schedule to nip out for a massage for a few hours, but I can play a podcast, and treat myself to a little TLC in the confines of my bathroom.


Work it Out is one of three oils on offer from Temple Spa, and promises to alleviate knots and tension, flush out toxins as well as improving circulation. It pretty much checks every box, and I’ve been using it every night this week along with my BabyBelle (blog post blast from the past here). Straight out of the shower, I apply a liberal slosh of the oil, massage in a little, then get to work with the buffer. I cannot even begin to tell you how much of a difference this has made to loosening everything up! The scent comes courtesy of an expert blend of 21 Mediterranean essential oils including juniper, clove, cypress & thyme, renowned for their muscle soothing and detoxifying superpowers. Not only this, but the base oils include  sesame, avocado, jojoba, kukui, grapeseed, soya bean & grapefruit to thoroughly nourish and moisturise skin. It’s an absolute life-saver of a product, and if you’re in the mood for a little luxury – there has never been a better time to indulge – Temple Spa are offering free shipping on all orders until midnight tonight!

Temple Spa Work it Out Massage Oil is priced at £25 and is available here.


In the past couple of posts, I’ve mentioned my use of facial oils in the evening, and to be honest, using them is one of my favourite parts of my skincare regime. If you’ve got skin which errs on the dry side, they’re a must-have! I have a bit of a wardrobe of them, so depending on how my skin feels, I can choose one which best suits my needs.


My newest acquisition is Temple Spa’s It’s All Good Facial Oil. A bottle chock-full of great-for-skin ingredients including Watermelon Seed Oil, Sunflower Oil and Peach Kernal Oil. The result is a product which works well on all skin types, and is especially great for dry and sensitive skin. I am absolutely obsessed with the fragrance; it’s light, fresh, and not-quite floral, and if Temple Spa made it into a perfume, I’d wear it forever.


Depending on the time of day, I use the oil in two ways. In the morning, I use a drop of oil in heavier foundation formulas to sheer them out a little. The result is a base which smooths on beautiful, glides over skin, and leaves skin looking healthy and hydrated all day long. In the evenings, after cleansing a pat a few drops of the oil into dry skin, adding a drop or two extra wherever skin feels dry. The result is skin which feels soft and nourished rather than overwhelmed. The oil itself is surprisingly lightweight, and sinks easily into skin without leaving it feeling greasy. The mornings after using the oil, my skin looks and feels nourished and hydrated – meaning I get to wear less makeup as a result!

Temple Spa It’s All Good is priced at £30 and is available here (If you’re quick, Temple Spa are offering FREE shipping on all orders until Midnight on Friday, so go, go, go!)


When it comes to treating yourself, is there anything better than a trip to the spa? From getting every worry massaged out of over-tight shoulders, to leaving with glowing skin thanks to a facial, it’s got to be one of life’s best luxuries. Of course, there isn’t always time to take a full day out of life to treat yourself, and those treatments can be seriously expensive, so I’m always on the hunt for products which leave me feeling like I’ve just spent the day being treated like a queen, even if I’ve been locked to the computer since the early hours.


This hunt for at-home spa treatments has led me straight to Temple Spa – a British brand inspired by the Mediterranean. Their range is vast – from body care to bronzing, they do it all. Recently, my skin has been feeling a bit lacklustre – so I thought I’d give their Duvet Comforting Body Cream a go.


If you’ve got skin that’s dry, stressed, and just in need of a little TLC, the Duvet Comforting Body Cream is for you. Super thick, with an almost buttery texture, the body cream delivers next level hydration results. The formula contains omega oils and olive extract, along with Vitamin E, guarana and fig to deeply moisturise and soften skin, whilst improving its tone and suppleness. It’s also got ‘that’ spa scent courtesy of lavender, frankincense and myrrh oils. I love to use it in the evenings – fresh out a bath, a couple of scoops of the body cream go a long way – leaving skin looking and feeling 100% better. Despite being so rich, there is no greasiness or stickiness left behind – skin just drinks it up!

Sure, it might not let me spend the day reading magazines in a fluffy housecoat, but Temple Spa’s Duvet Comforting Body Cream might just be the next best thing!

Temple Spa Duvet Comforting Body Cream is priced at £29 and is available here, and until midnight on 31st August, Templespa are offering free shipping – so there’s no excuse not to treat yourself!

Rodial Vit C Energising Sheet Masks

When it comes to sheet masks, this is not my first rodeo. I’m not quite sure how I managed before they became so easy to grab handfuls of on Amazon, but I know that my skin wouldn’t be the same if they disappeared back off to Korea without a second thought. I use them pretty much every other night after a micro-roller session. They cool and nourish skin, leaving it soft and clear for the morning, but until now, that’s where my sheet mask benefits have pretty much stayed. So when Rodial sent over their new Vit C Energising Masks, I was seriously excited!

Rodial Vit C Energising Sheet Masks

Packaged in the line’s signature bright orange hue, each box comes with 4 masks – pretty much a month’s supply. Not bad considering each one makes you look like you’ve just enjoyed a pricey salon treatment! Each mask comes soaked in Vitamins C and B3 to boost skin’s radiance, target fine lines and even out skin tones, as well as Hyaluronic Acid for hydration and Green Tea to soothe and calm skin. These are perfect if you’re looking to add a little extra oomph to skin, or prior to a big event, so you can glow all evening long.

Rodial Vit C Energising Sheet Masks

Personally, I’ve been using mine on a Sunday evening, to make sure my skin is prepped and primed for the week ahead. After a thorough cleanse, I pat skin dry, then apply the mask, letting it get to work for up to an hour if possible. Rodial recommends that you leave it on for 10-15 minutes, but I like to use a mask as a great excuse to kick back and catch up on some reading. Once I’m done, I massage any excess serum into my skin, then follow with my regular evening oil. The result is skin which looks clear and feels super smooth. The effect lasts for a good few days, and I’ve been topping up the effects, with other items in the Rodial Vit C lineup (like these pads which can be used nightly).

Rodial Vit C Energising Sheet Masks are priced at £43 and are available here (UK) and here (US)



Dalkeith’s Restoration Yard has been a real favourite of mine since it opened. Far enough away from Edinburgh to feel like a bit of a day out to visit, but close enough to be convenient Restoration Yard mixes the best of food, beauty, lifestyle and fashion, all in one (very photogenic) package. If you’re lucky enough to have a dog that needs walked, there are rolling parklands around Dalkeith House (an absolutely stunning country house) whilst little people can run off any extra energy at Scotland’s finest treehouse – Fort Douglas. We were feeling a like a bit of indulgence though, so we headed to the Restoration Cafe for lunch.


Having just released a brand new lunch menu, our timing couldn’t have been better! The Restoration Cafe aim to source as much local produce as possible, and neither of us could resist ordering the beef Restoration Burgers (£14.75). Coming in a pretzel bun (my favourite, and something rarely seen outside the US) along with a fresh salad and hand cut chunky chips, this was a meal to be savoured!


Grilled to perfection, the burger was smothered in oozing cheddar, and would make the perfect antidote to post-walk munchies. The fresh salad served alongside cut through the richness of the dish, whilst the chips were piping hot and perfectly crisp.

We couldn’t resist trying a couple of side dishes, so opted for a bowl of Buttered Veg (£3.50) and an RY Salad (£4). Both absolutely delicious – the veg was a perfect mix of green beans, courgette and broccoli, whilst the RY Salad felt like summer in a dish thanks to the heirloom tomatoes, hunks of beetroot and lettuce leaves.


Even though we had absolutely stuffed ourselves on burgers, we couldn’t resist the dessert menu. After chatting over fresh mint teas, we made our choice – Restoration Cheesecake with ice cream (£6.25) and Orange and White Chocolate Panna Cotta (£6.45).


Served alongside strawberries and some homemade shortbread rounds, the Orange and White Chocolate Panna Cotta was a study in indulgence.

Wonderfully rich and creamy, the panda cotta was silky smooth, and I loved the richness of white chocolate contrasting with the freshness of orange and fresh berries. The shortbread melted in the mouth, and the whole dish felt perfect for summer.


I couldn’t resist a slice of Restoration Cheesecake served alongside a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. I think the type of cheesecake might vary by the day, but when we popped in it was Vanilla and Raspberry. I had been craving a proper pudding for weeks, so this certainly fit the bill!


Despite looking quite hefty (who are we kidding? It was a huge slice!) the cheesecake was incredibly light, with clouds of cream cheese sitting atop of a salted biscuity base. The raspberries on top were suspended in a crystal-clear jelly, alongside a scoop of the most delicious vanilla bean ice-cream. It was the most indulgent way to end a meal, and it was so fun to be able to relax, enjoy some incredible food, then enjoy a little shopping after our meal.

Thank you so much Restoration Yard for having us! You can find out more about Restoration Yard here.