I’m not sure what it is about this time of year, but it’s easy to feel a bit ‘blah.’ Maybe it’s because Christmas feels like decades ago, and the Easter break is more than a few weeks away, or perhaps it’s the cold and grey weather, but I never feel right at this time of year. So, in an attempt to give my skin a bit of a faux-glow, I turned to Too Faced’s Fresh Squeezed Sparkling Pina Colada Highlights Drops


Part of the brand’s Tutti Frutti collection, the Highlighting Drops are a multiuser product which can be used on the face, on eyes, on the body, and even added to foundations and moisturisers to give a little extra glow. Packaged in an adorable glass bottle, complete with dropper, the Pina Colada version (there are two, and I’ve reviewed Pink Grapefruit here) is a flattering champagne colour, which should work well with most skin tones. For days when I want my skin to look a little glowier than normal, I add a drop into my moisturiser, and follow up with a tinted moisturiser or skin tint as normal. The result is skin which looks naturally illuminated with a little sparkle thrown in there for good measure.


The Highlighting Drops have an incredibly light, almost watery consistency. Blended into the skin, there is no stickiness or tackiness – just hydration and a little golden glitter which sparkles in the light. For evenings out it’s glorious blended into the high points of the cheekbones, and it’s beautiful blended out on the eyes too. It has a subtle coconut scent, but that vanishes when applied, and instead you’re left with skin which looks healthy and hydrated.

Too Faced Fresh Squeezed Highlighting Drops – Sparkling Pina Colada is priced at £25 and is available here (UK) and here (US)


I feel like over the past couple of years, I’ve become a little less high maintenance than I once was. At school I used to carry a carefully curated selection of Juicy Tubes around in my blazer pocket – all various shades of pink and sparkly. At university Mac’s Snob was my shade of choice – carefully blotted and topped with a shiny top coat (are we noticing a theme?)


Recently though, I’ve been turning more and more to balms – especially when I’m not headed out anywhere in particular. I love how comfortable they are to wear, how casual they look on, and the ease of using them. So when Bobbi Brown sent over one of their new Extra Lip Tints, I was intrigued.


One of three new shades (there’s also a nude and a stunning red), Bare Blackberry is a gorgeous deep berry shade, which looks ultra dramatic in the tube. For a nude-lip aficionado like me, it felt like a push to try, but I am so glad I did. On the lips, this is the prettiest, juiciest shade you can imagine. It’s ultra flattering, and I’ve become obsessed with it for adding a little oomph and colour into my everyday look.


Like the original Extra Lip Tints, Bare Blackberry is ultra comfortable to wear. It’s lightweight and silky smooth on the lips, and it has a lovely glossy finish too. I love it for days when I feel like I need a little extra something. The colour is glorious, and it adjusts to everyone’s own personal lip colour, so it’s flattering for all.


If you’re after an easy way to update your Spring beauty bag, this is most certainly it. Available in six shades in total, I’ve already drafted up a wish list of my next colours – they’re all so pretty, and this feel perfect for the warmer months.

Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tint is priced at £25.50 and is available here (UK) and here (US)


Working from home has its perks. I can listen to whatever music takes my fancy, I can get my nails done on a Monday morning, and I don’t need to wash and blow dry my hair every morning like I did when I worked in an office. It’s so convenient to be able to tackle emails in a sweatshirt and leggings, and even though I keep it casual when I’m not at client meetings, I still like to feel ‘done’. In an attempt to keep my hair as healthy as possible, I’ve been sampling various dry shampoos to disguise second day hair.


My current favourite is IGK’s First Class Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo. It’s a new release from the brand, and it’s designed to absorb and gently lift away dirt, oil, sweat and build-up without distressing the hair or scalp. It’s basically a dry shampoo for people (like me) who don’t tend to like dry shampoos. It’s not heavy or sticky feeling like other brands I tried. Instead, this is super lightweight, it smells fresh, and it magics away hair oil like nothing else.


On second day hair, I take care to section off my hair at the roots, spraying a little  dry shampoo right in at the roots and giving it a good massage. I also use it on clean hair whenever I want a little grit and volume. It’s perfect if I’m trying out an up-do or bouncy ponytail. It’s also a perfect product to through into my gym bag. It makes short work of post-spin hair, keeping it (relatively) tidy. There’s no white cast with the dry shampoo either, it’s completely clear and the effects last for a good 12 hours.

IGK Hair First Class Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo is priced from £10 and is available here (UK) and here (US)


I’m not sure there is much which beats finding a new skincare brand. There are just so many oldies kicking about, to find a new one always feels fun, and when they’re independently owned and Scottish all the better. So, when Exfolin reached out to see if I was interested in trying out a couple of their products, I was excited to see what would arrive.


Along with a clay face mask, which I’m dying to try out, was a bottle of their Clarifying Toner. Packaged in a spray bottle, it’s designed to work with all skin types, and I have to say, I’m in love. A mix of aloe vera, rosewater and tea tree, the formula smells incredible. It’s really fresh, and thanks to the aloe vera and rosewater, it tones skin without stripping or drying it. I’m obsessed with using it after working out – I wash my face directly after I finish, spritz a little of the toner, then follow up with a lightweight moisturiser. The result is skin which stays free of irritation from sweat, and I have a nice glow which lasts all day.

Exfolin Clarifying Toner is priced at £7.99 and is available here


At this time of year, I’m always in the mood for a bit of a revamp. Maybe it’s my New Year’s Resolutions growing a little stale, or perhaps it the dark nights and mornings, but I’ve been desperately looking for a little pick-me-up. So, when Bobbi Brown sent their new Crushed Liquid Lip in Lychee Baby, it felt like perfect timing. It’s a brand new release from the brand, and is available in a rainbow of 14 shades which range from perfect nudes to hot pinks and reds.


Lychee Baby is possibly my favourite shade from the whole line-up. A beautiful peachy-nude which feels absolutely perfect for daily use. I love it as a my-lips-but-better shade, and it’s a great choice if I’m wearing a heavier eye look too as is balances everything out nicely.


The formula of the Crush Liquid Lip falls somewhere between a gloss and a balm. It’s silky smooth on the lips, and the colour applies smoothly and evenly. Unlike other liquid lip products I’ve tried, this one doesn’t dry down to a tight, matte finish. Instead, lips stay glossy and feel hydrated for hours after applying. The Crushed Liquid Lips feel like a gloss for those people that don’t like glosses. It’s not sticky or gloopy, and instead, it just slides onto lips, looking and feeling divine.

Bobbi Brown Crush Liquid Lips are priced at £19 each and are available here (UK) and here (US)

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