When it comes to my hair, the less I fuss with it, the better it looks. I’m not one of these people that can sport intricate ‘dos’ on a daily basis, an instead, I tend to wash, straighten and go. Naturally I’ve got wavy hair that’s prone to frizz, so living in Scotland means I have to figure out ways of keeping hair looking smooth all day long. I use all the regular products – blow dry sprays, serums and oils, but for days when humidity is high, I need to bring in the big guns!


That’s where Ouai’s Memory Mist comes in. Unlike most hairsprays I’ve tried in the past, Ouai’s offering is completely weightless, and doesn’t leave hair looking or feeling dried out or sticky. If I’m wearing my hair down, once it’s styled, I give it a quick blast of the Memory Mist, brush through and go. The weightless formula gives hair a boost of volume and shine, yet doesn’t feel crisp or sticky. On days I’ve used it, my hair just feels great all day – there is no frizz by 4pm, instead it looks just done all day long!

Ouai Haircaire Memory Mist is priced at £25 and is available from Panache Cosmetics here.


So it’s not exactly a secret that I’ve drunk the Glossier Kool-Aid. I love the skin-first aesthetic, and the packaging always feels on point, but most importantly, the products really do work. Granted, everything I’ve tried from the brand has been pretty simple, but they’re also just great to use – the concealer disappears into skin leaving it looking flawless, and the balms have become my go-tos. So, I couldn’t resist giving one of the original products from the lineup – Boy Brow, a go.


Touted by many as a Holy Grail product, I’m not going to lie, my expectations were high. Glossier call Boy Brow their #1 Best Seller, and honestly, I’m not surprised. The tiny little tube is a must-have if you’re looking for brows which look naturally thick and full yet groomed. Unlike many of the brow gels I’ve tried in the past, Boy Brow feels almost waxy, so it doesn’t leave brow hairs feeling crisp or crunchy.

For the past few months I’ve been having my brows tinted when I go in for a wax, and it means each morning, I just have to apply a few strokes of Boy Brow to look done, rather than having to sit and fill them in.

Boy Brow is available in four colours, and is priced at £14 and is available here.


One of the (many) dangers of scrolling endlessly through Instagram, is that I end up with a wish-list as long as my arm. I feel like I need a whole top shelf worth of product, most of which I already have perfectly good dupes for. But no matter how much I put it off, I realised I had nothing even close to a jade facial roller. Promising to cure a multitude of issues, from dryness to puffiness, it seemed like they were too good to be true.


Jade Facial Rollers have been around for centuries, so I figured there had to be something to the claims. Double-ended, you can use the smaller end to concentrate on the eye area, whilst the larger roller can be used for defining cheekbones and jawlines. The roller action boosts blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, and it can even massage facial muscles so they feel as well as look a whole lot better.


Since the roller is gentle on skin (the jade feels cooling and soothing to the touch, especially if it’s kept in the fridge) you can use it morning and night. After cleansing and applying my serum and moisturisers, I use the roller all over. It really does feel like it refreshes skin and cuts down on redness. It also works like an absolute dream on hot and puffy morning eyes.


In the evenings, I also use the roller whilst enjoying a Korean face mask. Once it’s been on for 10-15 minutes, I use the roller to really work the essence of the mask into skin. It feels so calming and soothing, and I swear it makes a serious impact on how effective the masks are. Not to mention, it feels incredible! One days when everything is feeling like it’s a little much, the roller also helps to release tension – especially round the temples. It’s perfect for killing migraines before they happen.

Have you ever used a facial roller?

You can find my roller for £22 here (UK) and here (US)


Despite what recent posts might suggest, I’m not the world’s biggest drinker. I usually end up as the designated driver on nights out – so you’re more likely to find me nursing a tonic water rather than anything harder. But if I am enjoying a drink, my choice usually tends to be gin and tonic. I love how refreshing they are – and there is nothing better to enjoy on balmy summer evenings! My newest tipple has been Tiger Premium Gin – a ‘Great British Gin’ with a smooth, slightly sweet finish. I’ve been mixing mine with icy cold tonic and a slice of orange – delicious!

Tiger Premium Gin is priced at £37 and is available here


On a daily basis, I try to keep my makeup down to a minimum. I’m not one of these girls who looks amazing with a fun face of makeup on – it just makes me look older, and really, who wants that?! So on special occasions, I ‘up’ the glamour stakes by amplifying my everyday looks. Rather than my usual slick of ‘Boy Brow’ and bare lashes, I go for a dramatic mascara which pumps everything up. My choice? Benefit’s They’re Real mascara – a formula which promises to amp up volume and lengthen lashes, whilst leaving them looking super dark.


I think what separates They’re Real from the competition is the spiky plastic brush. Each of the spikes grab each lash individually, combing them out and coating them with an even layer of mascara. And the result? Lashes which go on for days. Super black, and very dramatic, this is a huge difference from the first slick! I’m obsessed with the volume and length this gives me, and I don’t even need to add falsies to look ‘done.’  It also lasts throughout the evening, without flaking or smudging. No wonder it’s one of the UK’s favourite formulas!

Benefit They’re Real mascara is priced at £20.50 and is available here (UK) and here (US)