Esqido Companion Eyelash Glue*


When it comes to false eyelashes, I’m far from an expert. Thankfully though, Esqido make looking glamorous a whole lot easier thanks to their game-changing mink lashes. I’ve said before about how much I love them. They’re lightweight, super fluttery and they’re cruelty free, which is why they’re a favourite of everyone from Victoria’s Secret Angels to me!


As if creating the prettiest lashes weren’t enough, Esqido have produced their Companion. Packaged in a chic frosted and rose gold tube, it’s a long-lasting, latex free glue which is designed to keep the mink lashes in place and is gentle enough for even the most sensitive eyes to use.

DSC_0709 (1)

Unlike most lash glues I’ve tried, which come in unwieldy tubes which I have to daub lashes in puddles of glue, the Companion has a delicate brush. This means it’s as easy to use with single lashes as it is with the full sets. I simply brush the glue across the band, wait a minute or two for it to become a little tacky, then place the lashes, hold them for a few seconds, then I’m good to go! The glue dries to a completely clear finish, meaning my lashes look and feel super natural. Then, at the end of the evening, the lash glue is so easily removed from my lashes, meaning I can easily reuse them – genius!

Esqido Lash Companion is priced at $10 and is available here.

Lacoste L.12.12 Energized*


I feel like Lacoste are really killing the fragrance game these days. If, like me, your a fan of fragrances which smell clean and fresh, they’re definitely the brand for you! I love their male fragrances almost as much as their more feminine counterparts as they don’t feel too complicated to wear, not to mention that they fall squarely into ‘steal-from-your-boyfriend’ category of scents!


The L.12.12 Energized is a new take on the brand’s classic L.12.12 fragrance, with the addition of mint and ginger, L.12.12 Energized feels like it was made for summertime wear. Not to mention the pumped-up Lacoste gator, which has been transformed into a patchwork of flags, making the bottle feel like it was made to be used during this month’s Olympics.


Other than the supersized gator (and of course, the title, not much else has changed about the Lacoste packaging. It’s still a super chic white glass bottle, with the detailing on the side of the bottle as a nod to Lacoste’s iconic tennis shirts. Like the fragrance itself. the bottle is simple, fresh and clean, and really, what else do you need?


On the skin, L.12.12 Energized Edition just feels like a shower in a bottle. The top notes of mint and ginger smell so cooling and fresh – just the thing you want to wear on hot, sticky summer days! The heart note of tuberose might sound surprising for a male-oriented scent, but it rounds off the sharpness of the ginger ad mint, and gives it an over-all soapy quality. The base of vetivert really grounds the fragrance and gives is a clean, green quality. It also means that it lasts on the skin, keeping you smelling amazing all day long!

Lacoste L.12.12 Energized edition is priced at £30.08 (it’s on offer) here

Windle & Moodie Intense Treatment Masque*

Windle & Moodie Intense Treatment Masque

It’s T-minus six days until I get my hair done (yay!) and in the run up to my appointment, I’ve been adding Windle & Moodie’s Intense Treatment Masque to my hair care routine. Since my hair is in need of a trim, it’s been feeling a bit dry and scratchy, so the addition of something so nourishing has been much needed!

Windle & Moodie Intense Treatment Masque 1

Packaged in a sleek white tub, complete with 80’s style glamazon on the lid, Windle & Moodie’s Intensive Treatment Masque is just the thing if your ends are in need of a little TLC. The formula is packed with green tea, active antioxidants, and cocoa butter to nourish, detangle and boost shine to over worked ends.

Windle & Moodie Intense Treatment Masque 2

Once or twice a week, or really whenever my hair has been feeling a bit stressed, I use a couple of finger-fulls, and comb it through my ends. I then let it sit for a good 10-15 minutes to really let my hair soak up the goodness, and rinse as normal.

Windle & Moodie Intense Treatment Masque 3

I can’t tell you how soft and shiny my hair if after using the Intensive Treatment Masque. It really feels like a salon-worthy treatment, and I can’t wait to keep using it when my hair is back to blonde too! It smells so incredible and my hair can’t get enough of it!

Windle & Moodie Intensive Treatment Masque is priced at £29 and is available here

Esqido Big City Nights Lashes*

Esqido Lashes 1

So I’m not sure that there is anything quite as luxurious sounding as mink eyelashes. And if you’re in the market for a pair, I would highly recommend checking out US brand ESQIDO false eyelashes. They’ve glamorised everyone from Victoria’s Secret Angels to J-Lo, and they give you lashes like you’ve only dreamed of.

Esqido Big City Lights

One of my newest sets from the brand are the Big City Lights style. Like all the brand’s lashes, they’re made entirely from ethically sourced mink. That means nothing fluffy was hurt in the making of them – the fur is just gathered after being naturally shed, then fashioned into lashes. The use of mink (as well as sounding wonderfully decadent) means that the lashes are so lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Esqido Lashes Big City Nights

Big City Nights are beautiful, fluffy lashes which are perfect for evenings where I want to look more done. I apply a little tinted moisturiser, bronzer and highlight like normal, then sweep a shimmery bronze shadow over my lids. I smudge a chocolate-y shade into my lash line, then add my Big City Nights. Using a little of the ESQIDO eyelash glue, I pop them into place and I’m good to go. The Big City Nights lashes give my makeup a real dose of glamour to an easy makeup look, and they can be reused for up to 10 wears.

Esqido Big City Nights Lashes are priced at $35 and are available here.

The Perfume Society: The Scent of a Man Discovery Box*

The Perfume Society Father's Day Box

I absolutely love receiving beauty boxes every month, they always come as something of a surprise, and it’s just so fun to dig through them finding new brands and new favourites.

The Perfume Society Father's Day Box 1

The Perfume Society’s brand new The Scent of a Man Discovery Box is the first one designed especially for the boys, and I have to say, it’s a good one! Packaged in a greyscale version of the brand’s signature boxes is a selection of fine fragrance samples as well as a few rather generous treats.

The Perfume Society Father's Day Box 2

Like all of the Perfume Society’s Discovery Boxes, there’s a perfect mix of well known brands as well as some indie brands. It means that you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a few new favourites in the bunch.

The Perfume Society Father's Day Box 4

In addition to 13 fragrances to try out, there are also some rather luxe products in there too! I’m not going to lie – I’ve stolen the travel sized Elemis Ice-Cool Foaming Shave Gel as it’s super refreshing to use, and the minty scent feels wonderfully clean without being overpowering. There’s also a Penhaligon Face and Beard Scrub as well as an Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream for Men. I’ve tried out the female version of the moisturiser before and really liked it, so I’m sure that one’s a winner too!

The Scent of a Man Discovery Box is such a great little gift, I’m sure any father would love it! It’s priced at £19.00 and is available here.

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