Kahina Giving Beauty Fez Body Serum*

Kahina Giving Beauty Body Serum - Fez

When it comes to skincare, I can’t really remember not being interested in it. Before I was old enough to have my own, I dabbled nightly in whichever products my mother was using, as since I went away to school and university, I’ve pretty much guarded my ever-increasing stash with my life. Yet despite my rather pack-horse tendencies, I don’t think I’ve ever used a serum that’s not been designed for my face before. Thankfully though, Kahina Giving Beauty’s pretty much iconic Fez Body Serum has come to my rescue right in time for the increasingly cold weather!

Kahina Giving Beauty Body Serum - Fez 1

Packaged in Kahina Giving Beauty’s slick black packaging, the Body Serum is everything you could wish for in winter skincare! With a texture which verges on an oil (it was included in Vogue’s Top 10 Beauty Oils!), the serum feels like such a treat to use! I have been reaching for it after my nightly bath or shower, so that I can really enjoy the experience – the serum’s scent contains notes of  Rose and Orange Blossom along with hints of citrus and patchouli. The result is a wonderfully warm, almost smoky fragrance which feels incredibly luxurious and soothing to use.

Kahina Giving Beauty Body Serum - Fez 2

As if the to-die-for scent wasn’t enough, the formula of Kahina’s Body Serum packs a serious punch! With a high concentration of argan oil to help boost skin elasticity whilst watermelon, sunflower, olive and coconut oils deeply moisturise. It leaves skin feeling absolutely incredible – so soft and nourished, and I’m addicted to layering some on after an intense exfoliation session!

Kahina Giving Beauty Fez Body Serum is priced at £85 for 200ml and is available here (UK) and here (US)

Soveral Angel Balm*

Soveral Angel BalmNow that temperatures have taken a distinct downturn, I’ve been extra careful to use as many hydrating products I can think of, and my cleansing routine has been no different – rather than foaming cleansers which can be a little drying, every evening I’ve been turning to Soveral’s Angel Balm.

Soveral Angel Balm 1

Much like the other Soveral products I’ve tried, the packaging of the Angel  Balm is divine. A box covered in the most beautiful butterflies holds a little jar of the delicious balm, as well as the fluffiest of face cloths. It feels like an absolute gift to unwrap!

Soveral Angel Balm 3

I’ve been using the balm every evening, and I am absolutely in love with the soft texture which melts away even the most stubborn of makeup (even mascara and eye liner)! I can really see why The Times have called it a ‘hero’ product.

Soveral Angel Balm 2

It’s the brand’s most popular product, and I’m really not surprised! Ingredients in the balm include cocoa seed butter, grape seed oil, avocado oil, and geranium oil so it’s an absolute treat for skin. I tend to use it nightly, but I can also use it as something of a face mask, just leaving it on for around 20 minutes.

Soveral Angel Balm is priced from £19.00 and is available here

ModelsOwn HyperGel Twilight Collection*

Models Own Hypergel Autumn 2015

Brand new for Autumn, ModelsOwn have just released 13 brand new shades as part of their Twilight collection. I was kindly sent over seven of them, so I thought I would share a quick sneak peek before I upload all of my reviews of the individual colours. The collection is filled with really beautiful dusky, almost muted colours, and my favourites so far, have to be Jet Black and Marsala

You can find ModelsOwn HyperGel polishes at Superdrug for £4.99

Mavala Buenos Aires*

Mavala Buenos Aires 1

Right in time for Autumn, Mavala have launched their new Symphonic Nail colour collection – a set of five stunning browns which range from chocolate-y to rust and they feel just perfect to wear now that the leaves have turned.

Mavala Buenos Aires

I was kindly sent three of the colours, and the first one I tried out was Buenos Aires – a beautifully warm toned russet-brown. Like all Mavala polishes I’ve tried, the application is absolutely flawless – the polish goes on smoothly and evenly, and it’s completely opaque in two coats.

Mavala Buenos Aires swatch

On the nail, I was surprised at how much darker Buenos Aires is than it looks in the bottle, but it’s such a rich, warm toned chocolate. It’s really beautiful, and it’s such a chic, neutral polish to wear.

Mavala’s Buenos Aires Nail Varnish is priced at £4.75 and is available here

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