Kat von D Sinner Eau de Parfum*


I’m not sure I’m the greatest person at following through on resolutions. Like most people, I like to take a look at where I could try a bit harder at the beginning of each year, but in the past I’ve been way too overenthusiastic, so now I make sure that all my goals are a little easier to follow through on.


One of mine for 2020 was to make sure I don’t get stuck in a rut. As a person, I’m a bit of a creature of habit, and that follows through to things like my makeup bag and most reached-for products. So, when I got the chance to try Kat von D’s Sinner Eau de Perfume, I absolutely jumped at the chance. As a rule, I tend to reach for fragrances which centre on orange blossom, gardenia or citrus, Sinner is a deeper, darker take on my usual. From the ornate, gothic-style bottle, I knew this wasn’t like my usual take on perfumes, and I’m so glad that I decided to try something new and a bit different!


An Oriental Floral, with top notes of mandarin orange, orange blossom and plum, this feels like a perfect winter scent. I’ve been wearing it in the evenings, or spritzed onto cashmere sweaters. As the fragrance wears, notes of white flowers, jasmine and cinnamon become more noticeable. There’s a real musky sweetness which comes from vanilla in the perfume’s base notes, and the mix of flowers with the base of vetiver and patchouli feels beautifully grown up. I was really surprised at how affordable Sinner is too – it wears like something far more expensive!

Kat von D’s Sinner Eau de Parfum is priced from £26 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

Beauty Stocking Stuffers: Spacemasks*


When it comes to beauty obsessions, my newest is a self-heating eye mask, and it’s all because of Spacemasks. They’re the luxe way I’ve been ending busy days, and if you’ve not tried them yet, you’re seriously missing out. Available in a choice of blue (original) or red (in aid of Royal Marsden Cancer Charity), they are just the dreamiest way to relax.


Available in boxes of five, the masks all come individually wrapped, and once you open the packages, they react to the air to heat up, releasing the delicate scent of jasmine. If you’ve had a stressful or busy day, there’s nothing better than switching on a podcast, snuggling up in bed and popping one of these on. They knock me out within ten minutes every time, and you feel like you’re in a spa as you drift off.

Spacemasks are priced at £15 per box and they’re available here

Stocking Stuffers – Tweezer Files*


When it comes to finding stocking stuffers, I love find things which people need but don’t necessarily have. They’ve got to small and decently affordable, and I think I’m ticking all the boxes with this new Tweezerfile. I’m guilty of buying a new (rather expensive) pair tweezers anytime I blunt (or lose) the ones I’m using.


It’s an expensive habit, so when Tweezerfile got in touch to see if I wanted to give their new gadget a go, I couldn’t resist. A handy little gadget, it’s a credit card sized file which sharpens your tweezers so they feel like new. Just run the tweezers over the metal side a few times and they’re as good as new. Honestly – they feel box fresh!

Tweezerfile are available in a choice of two colours, and they’re priced at £19.99 here.

Too Faced Christmas Star Palette*


I’m pretty sure that the very first products I tried from Too Faced were from their Christmas collections from way back when, and since then, I’ve loved how ‘all out’ the brand goes each year.


Obviously Too Faced is a brand which doesn’t do cute by halves, but their Christmas Star Palette might just be their most festive yet! Packaged in a cardboard package which transforms from a pentagon into a star, and secured with a gingerbread fairy, it’s pretty much Christmas personified.


As if the twenty shadows and five face powders (!) inside the palette wasn’t enough, it comes with a full-sized lip gloss in the exclusive shade Ginger Snap, and a mini Better than Sex Mascara. To say I’m obsessed with the gloss is an understatement. A warm-toned pink shot-through with blue glitter, it’s a stunning, surprisingly neutral gloss which is perfect for everyday use.


It’s one of those glosses which I just adore – it’s the right kind of sticky, and leaves lips looking juicy. I’m obsessed with the sugary scent, and it’s been in my everyday makeup bag since it arrived.


Better than Sex Mascara is one of those iconic formulas, and for good reason. It gives lashes serious volume and length, and leaves you with a real false lash effect. I love that it’s super black, and it stays put, all day long, so you don’t need to worry about smudging or flaking throughout the day.


The mini-sized is perfect, if like me, you struggle to finish a full-sized tube within the recommended three months, or if you travel a lot. I’ve popped this one straight into my travel makeup bag, so that I can enjoy it while I’m away from home.


The palette itself is a real show-stopper – once you open it out, you get the full star effect, and I love the glitzy golden interior. Once you’re inside, you’ll also notice the smell – rather delightfully, the whole palette is gingerbread scented!


The twenty eyeshadow shades all veer towards the warmer end of the spectrum, and there’s a great balance of finishes – with matte, satin and glitters all included. I also love the inclusion of the beautiful jewel shades for a pop of seasonal colour – for a neutrals-fiend like me, getting to play with a beautiful purple (Ornament to Be) or olive (Feliz Navidad) is a perfect way to update my regular look.


There are enough neutrals in there to be able to subtly mix up my eyeshadow for day too! I’ve been loving adding a little subtle shimmer in the form of Good Tidings, and Jingle Mingle too! Each and every one of the shadows blends beautifully, and they last all day long, even on days when I’ve not properly primed before applying.


The palette really is a full face in one box, as it also contains a bronzer, two highlighter shades and two blushes. I’ve been loving a light dust of bronzer to take the edge off my winter whiteness, then a touch of the blush keeps everything rosy.


What I love is how flattering to a range of skin tones this palette is – there’s even a choice of pink or icy shades of highlighter, and the shadows would look absolutely stunning on everyone.

Too Faced Christmas Star Palette is priced at £36 and is available here (UK) and here (US)


Bobbi Brown Hydrate & Glow Skincare Set*


As much as I absolutely adore Bobbi Brown’s makeup, I feel like their skincare is sometimes a little forgotten about. Their Rich Face Base is one of my dry skin must-haves, and I’ve had a bottle of their Beach Fragrance in my collection for as long as I can remember, so when the new Hydrate & Glow set appeared through the letterbox, I was absolutely delighted!


Designed to combat winter dryness and dullness, the Hydrate & Glow set is a trio of must-haves which will have you shining well into 2020! Rather incredibly, the set contains to full-sized products, as well as a very generously sized eye cream (can more come packaged like this please? I’m obsessed) and the trio is the perfect foundation products to create a naturally glowy look which can take you from day to night.


First up is the Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm in Golden Glow – a perfect moisturiser substitute if you’ve got oily skin, but if you’re dry like me, this is a perfect moisture addition to be patted on over your regular moisturiser. If you’re heading out for the evening, and want even more glow, you can even pat a little of the balm into shoulders and collar bones, so they glisten in low light!


For day I like to pat the balm onto the high points of my face, and blend well with my fingertips. The balm is lightly tined, and it’s perfect to achieve a flawless base. It allows my foundations or tinted moisturiser of choice to slide only easily too – and I’ve noticed that on days when I’m wearing the balm, that not only does my skin look better, but my makeup wears for longer too!


Next up in the trio is the travel-sized Hydrating Eye Cream, which comes packaged like a concealer or lip gloss. Honestly, I’m obsessed with this eye cream – I’ve bought countless pots of the stuff before, but this miniature version has gone straight into my travel bag.


Applying the moisturiser with the doe foot applicator is incredibly easy, and I just dot a little of the formula around the orbital bone, then pat in. Bobbi Brown’s Hydrating Eye Cream always feels super nourishing without being overwhelming – even for day use. It sinks easily in to skin, so you’re not left with a greasy under eye area.


Last up is probably my most reached-for product from the trio, the Extra Lip Tint, which gives lips a beautiful golden-flecked sheen. I fell in love with these balms earlier in the year (post here) as they are just the easiest and most comfortable way to add a little moisture and colour into your makeup during the day.


You can’t seem to buy this exact shade of Extra Lip Tint outside of this set, and it’s a great one for everyday use. I always feel like a bright lip is a little much for daytime, and I much prefer a gorgeous neutral, so having a balm like this to hand makes mornings so much easier.


There’s no overwhelming scent or fragrance with the Lip Tints, and they positively glide on, leaving lips feeling nicely hydrated. The Tint gives lips a beautiful rosiness, and the golden flecks shine in the light.

This set is so perfectly thought out – I’ve been using all three of the products pretty much daily since I received it, and I can’t think of a better way to get your skin prep sorted before the the New Year!

Bobbi Brown Hydrate & Glow Kit is priced at £50 and is available here (UK) and here (US)


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