Ok, so I know I just complained about how bad the weather has been in Edinburgh, but even though it is freezing cold, it is still the middle of April, and I am so in the mood to ditch my dark nail varnishes!


I feel like I’ve been wearing variations of black polish since about September, and even though I do love a dark mani (so sleek, so shiny) I’ve been really feeling the need to lighten up. So, I couldn’t resist when Deborah Lippmann’s Undressed Nail Polish Set arrived!

DSC_0349 2

Containing six of the most beautiful nude shades, the set pretty much has every skin tone covered. If I’m going for a real ‘mannequin hands’ look, the two lightest shades are pretty much spot on. The darker tones look super sophisticated on short nails.


As much as I adore the colour selection, I just can’t get over how cute the bottles are! They’re mini versions of Deborah Lippman’s regular varnishes, and they are just the cutest, dinkiest little things!


Skin Deep is the richest of the six shades, and would be the perfect natural nail colour if you have darker skin. It’s a stunning chocolate-milk shade which feels so sophisticated to wear.


The formula is perfectly creamy, and almost opaque in a single coat. This feels like a new way for me to wear a neutral nail colour, and I’m sure it’s an absolute god-send if you’re looking for a deep-skin nude tone.


Described as a full-coverage almond nude, Natural Woman is the most beautiful tan shade.


Like all of the polishes, Natual Woman is a smooth full-coverage creamy formula, which needs just two coats to look beautifully shiny. I absolutely love wearing this when I’m wearing camel colours, it feels like an almost 1970’s chic take on nail colour



Bare it All is the polish I reached for first when the set arrived, as the warm mauve-nude shade is just so pretty and unusual.


It’s a beautifully toned-down way to wear pink nails, and it’s super work appropriate too! Again, creamy opaque coverage was achieved in two coats.


Born This Way is probably the brightest of the six polishes, and is a stunning peachy-apricot shade. It’s a really stunning choice to wear if your nails are looking or feeling a little dingy (mine sometimes do after wearing super dark polishes) as it’s just an easy neutral.


I was pleasantly surprised at how rich and opaque Born This Way, and I only needed two coats. Usually when I’m wearing colours like it I have to layer three or four coats, so two feels like an absolute breeze!


Totally Nude is the closest of the collection to my own skin tone, and it’s described as a fair pink nude. This has been the polish I reach for the most out of the six as it makes my fingers look super long and thin, and really, who doesn’t want that!?


I absolutely love wearing Totally Nude, as it really is just the perfect nude polish for my skin tone. It’s also a great choice if you’re travelling, as not only are Deborah Lippmann polishes wonderfully long-wearing, but chips, if they do appear, hardly show up with this polish.

Last up is Flesh for Fantasy, which is just the most heavenly alabaster nude shade. If you’re a super pale girl, this is going to be the nude polish for you! I absolutely adore how cool and creamy the shade is, and it just looks divine on short nails!


I don’t think I’ve got a shade quite like Flesh for Fantasy in my stash, and it feels like a perfect Springtime neutral. Even though it’s lighter than my skin tone, I just love the contrast, and I think it would look just incredible worn with a tan. It’s almost a take on a white manicure that way!

Deborah Lippmann’s Undressed Nail Varnish Set is priced at £27 and is available here (UK) and here (US)



I’m not sure about you, but Edinburgh seems to have taken a rather large leap back into winter. It’s been freezing cold, and raining pretty much non-stop since Monday morning. So, in an effort to warm up a little, as well just to give myself a little time to relax, I’ve been enjoying nightly baths using Olverum.


Unlike most bath products which are mostly designed just to smell good, Olverum is the whole package. First off, I love the minimalist bottle which just looks so achingly chic, and the scent of the bath oil is absolutely divine. For a heady, perfectly fragranced bath, you only need a cupful, and I’ve become absolutely addicted to the herbal goodness. The strongest notes are rosemary, eucalyptus and lavender, although as I relax in the bath, bright, citrus-y notes also become more noticeable. It’s an absolute dream to sit soak in. I tend to grab a book (I’m currently devouring The Drowning of Galveston) and give myself a good half hour or so to relax. The scent feels incredibly spa-worthy, and it’s a real to enjoy every night – it also makes me sleep like a baby!

Olverum bath oil is priced at £23.50 and is available here.


I don’t think anyone really, truly enjoys Monday mornings. Waking up from the weekend is a bit of a downer, and getting back into the swing of things at work is always tricky. Thankfully though, Paul & Joe’s Concealer Pen means that even though you might be recovering from a heavy weekend, no one needs to know!


As always with Paul & Joe, the packaging is just perfection. The dusky pink pen looks so pretty in my makeup bag, and I just love the little flowers that are on it.


Once you pop off the cap, you see the little brush, which makes application an absolute breeze. I use about two clicks for both of my under eyes, and sweep the concealer in a triangle under my eyes.


The concealer itself is a pretty peachy shade which is perfect for counteracting purple and blue undertones. If you’re getting into colour correcting, this is a super easy (and effective) way to start. It completely disappears into skin, taking any sort of darkness or eye bags with it. The Concealer Pen is basically 8 hours of sleep in a rather convenient little tube! It sits well too! I don’t get any sort of creasing or fading all day.

Paul & Joe Concealer Pen is priced at £18 and is available here.

Dior Fine Fleur

So I think that it would be fair to say that I’ve been on a bit of a lipgloss binge recently. I can’t seem to pop out without returning home clutching something pink and shiny. My latest acquisition comes as part of Dior’s stunning new Spring Collection and is their Rouge Brilliant in Fine Fleur.

Dior Fine Fleur 1

It’s a whole new line of lip glosses from the brand, and they promise to subtly shape lips as well as give them a dose of colour and shine. Instead of their regular doe foot applicators, this one has a well which gives just the right amount of gloss for each application. Genius, no!?

Dior Fine Fleur swatch

I’m absolutely in love with the pretty pink colour – it’s a shade or two brighter than my natural lip colour, so it’s a nice way to look polished super easily! It feels incredibly balmy and moisturising on the lips. It’s not too shiny either – the gloss looks pretty and subtle, and the whole thing feels terribly grown up! I also just adore the soft, slightly floral scent!

Dior Rouge Brilliant Lipshine in Fine Fleur is priced at £26.50 and is available here (UK) and here (US)



Ok, confession time, I admit to being something of a mascara snob. On a day to day basis I rotate between Chanel, Dior and Givenchy, and despite giving other brands a go, I’ve never really been wowed enough to mix up my favourite drawer. Until now that is!


When the tube of Maybelline’s new The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara arrived, I took photos of it, then popped it into my to-try box like normal. I hadn’t really heard anything about it, and figured it would be a decent back-up to keep in my car or gym bag for emergencies. Then I tried. In a word, it’s amazing! Super black, a formula that glides on leaving lashes looking long, full and thick, and it lasts all day. At no point does it feel dry or crispy, and it even removes like a dream. I’m a complete convert, and literally all of my friends have heard about the wonders of this stuff! I may have bought a second tube already!

Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama mascara is priced at £7.99 and is available here (UK) and here (US)



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