Chanel Coups de Minuit

I’m a complete sucker for Holiday collections, and when I caught sight of Chanel’s Rouge Noir offerings, I pretty much fell in love with everything. I’ve been wearing Rouge Noir nail polish since I was about 15, so I didn’t need another bottle, and as pretty as it was, I wasn’t sure I could pull off a rouge noir eye shadow.

Chanel Coups de Minuit 1

What I didn’t have though, was a perfectly natural looking highlighter, and when I clapped eyes on the Coups de Minuit Joues Contraste Lumiere, I couldn’t stop myself!

Chanel Coups de Minuit 4

Packaged in one of the brand’s signature black compacts, the highlighter looks a lot like the Chanel blushers. Beside the dome of product there is a little hair brush which is perfect for on-the-go touch ups.

Chanel Coups de Minuit 3

The product itself is absolutely beautiful. On the skin it gives a real, soft luminosity. It’s an incredibly natural looking, subtle glow, but I’ve been loving it as a finishing touch to my daily makeup.

Chanel Coups de Minuit 2

The Coups de Minuit is perfect for giving a really soft glow to skin, without looking too shiny or sparkly. It’s a must-have from the collection, and I’m already considering buying a backup for my stash!

Chanel Joues Contraste Lumiere Coups de Minuit is priced at £31 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

Anti-Aging Bible

If you’re trying to find a gift for a rather beauty-obsessed member of the family, you really must check out Josephine Fairley & Sarah Stacey’s rather wonderful The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible.

Anti-Aging Bible. 1

The rather fetching bright pink book is filled with the most extensive range of reviews and tips you could imagine. Every beauty, health and well being question you can think of has been thoughtfully answered by the authors.

Anti-Aging Bible. 2

Even big issues like plastic surgery and fillers are addressed, so, if you’re contemplating some treatments, The Anti Ageing Beauty Bible is the perfect place to start your research.

Anti-Aging Bible. 3

I love how comprehensive the book is! Everything from how to best tweeze your eyebrows to the best products for your skin and hair types. Basically, the book is everything you need to stay as glamorous as possible in the New Year!

The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible is on offer for £12.74 and is available here.

Victoria Green Folding Makeup Bag

When it comes to travelling, I never do it light! I don’t know what it is, but I have a serious arsenal of makeup and beauty items which all fall squarely under the ‘must-have’ category, so carting them around with me can be a problem! Thankfully though, Victoria Green creates the cutest (and rather importantly the roomiest) of makeup and beauty bags. My gym favorite has to be the Starflower Traveller Wash bag, which has two super generous zippered compartments,  which means that keeping my rather generous stash organized is an absolute cinch!

Victoria Green Folding Makeup Bag 1

I just love the attention to detail on the Wash bag – from the adorable polka dot trim to the starflower pattern, it’s just adorable! I can’t even tell you how many people have commented on it when I’ve whipped it out at the gym!

Victoria Green Folding Makeup Bag 2

The inside of the bag is trimmed with the cutest polka dots, and the vinyl pockets mean that it’s so easy to keep clean (and it’s super easy to see what’s what).

Victoria Green Starflower Makeup Bag is priced at £15.00 and is available here

Bobbi Brown Ultimate Makeup Lesson

If you’re familiar with Edinburgh, chances are you’ve been in Jenners. It has to be one of the city’s most loved haunts, and if you’re in the mood for Christmas, you won’t find a bigger tree!

Bobbi Brown Ultimate Makeup Lesson 2

Last week though, I wasn’t in town for Christmas shopping. Instead, I hit up the rather spacious Bobbi Brown Counter to get one of their Ultimate Makeup Lessons. They’re a genius idea which lets you try out products ranging from serums to lip gloss to really get a feel for what you like.

Bobbi Brown Ultimate Makeup Lesson 1

I was taken care of by Natalie, a fellow pale-skinned girl, who created the most gorgeous natural look complete with a shimmery brown eye. To say I was impressed was an understatement. Natalie listened to all my skin concerns, and began by recommending some of Bobbi Brown’s skincare. I’ve loved the Bobbi Brown Extra Moisturizing Balm for years, so it was so lovely when Natalie recommended it for me.

Bobbi Brown Ultimate Makeup Lesson 8

Getting to try out a whole range of new products was amazing, and there were definitely some standouts – the Color Correcting Cream was amazing at reducing redness under my base, and I was so glad to try the Skin Serum Foundation.

Bobbi Brown Ultimate Makeup Lesson 6

As Natalie talked me through her recommendations (and I studied her rather impressive brush work) she wrote down all the products she had used on a face chart. It’s a really great way to remember all the wonderful products (and it serves as a rather hand wishlist, which is always important at this time of year!)

Bobbi Brown Ultimate Makeup Lesson 9

The lesson lasts for around 45 minutes (although it absolutely flew by), and it’s really the best way to find out which products are going to be right for you. I got to have a sneak peek at Bobbi Brown’s gorgeous Christmas gift ideas which include the most wonderful palettes and brushes.

Bobbi Brown Ultimate Makeup Lesson 10

The colours are absolutely beautiful – a lot of shimmy neutrals and browns which are my absolute favourites! If you fancy a little shakeup in your beauty routine, I can’t recommend the Ultimate Beauty Lesson enough! And the best thing? They’re free!

Rodial Harvey Nichols Edinburgh

So Rodial might be a brand which is well known for beauty products with rather catchy names which deliver results. So, when I found out that they had a makeup range, I got rather excited! What I didn’t realise is, that, for the past year or so, Harvey Nichols in London have been selling the range, and it’s been rather successful. Thankfully, for those of us living a little further north, Harvey Nichols Edinburgh have a  brand new counter devoted to the brand’s makeup, so when I was kindly invited to get my makeup done I absolutely jumped at the chance!

Rodial at Harvey Nichols

The makeup collection is a wonderfully curated set of must-haves which include a super light Instaglam Skin Tint which is basically an Instagram filter in a tube and an Airbrush Concealer which makes any imperfections completely disappear without looking or feeling heavy. I opted for an easy to recreate natural look, and I just love how subtle the products were, and I completely fell in love with the Glamstick Lipstick in Bite. It’s the perfect nude colour, and it feels incredible on the lips!

Rodial at Harvey Nichols goodie bag

As if getting my makeup done wasn’t amazing enough, I was very kindly gifted a goodie bag filled with some of the brand’s incredible skincare. I love how generously sized they are – I’ve been getting over a week’s worth of use out of them, and I’m absolutely head over heels for them!

Rodial at Harvey Nichols Goodie bag 1

Getting to try out products like the Pink Diamond Instant Lifting Serum is such a thrill. The full size bottle is a rather splurge-worthy £250.00, so getting to use the serum at home is a lovely luxury!  The Bee Venom Cleansing Balm and Super Serum are a gorgeous little duo too! They smell incredible, and are such a lovely way to feel awake in the mornings!

Thank you so much to Rodial and Harvey Nichols Edinburgh for having me!