CBII Total CBD Capsules*


When it comes to lifestyle changes I’ve had during lockdown – trying to slow down and calm down a little bit has been a main priority. When things are ‘normal’, I’ve got a habit of overthinking things and stressing about things which haven’t even happened yet, so introducing CBD has been a bit of a game-changer. The trick in getting the most out of CBD, is to use it regularly, so CBII’s Total Capsules make it super easy. Every morning, I take a capsule with a big glass of water and lemon, and let it get to work. You can take up to three capsules daily, with each of the capsules containing 5mg of CBD oil.


Total is one of five capsule options to choose from CBII, and it is completely GMO-free, and it’s also gluten-free, so if you’re sensitised to those – CBII is perfect for you! What I love about CBII is that they only use premium, legally sourced CBD oil which has been legally sourced and extracted in Switzerland. Each pack of 60 capsules comes all wrapped in a 100% recyclable carton made from hemp, and I love how slick it all looks.


Having CBD oil in a capsule form is so, so handy, and if you’re planning some (future) travel, these are great for popping into your hand luggage without having to worry about using up your liquid allowance (not to mention they’re perfect for cutting travel anxiety)! If, like me, you’re not a fan of big capsules, these are perfectly sized – and you can easily knock it beck with a big gulp of water. The formula is tasteless and odourless too – so perfect to add to your daily routine.

CBII Total Capsules are priced at £44 and are available here.

Beauty Laundrette Cotton Smooth Creamy Body Moisturiser*


Despite the weather taking a serious turn for the wintry over the last week or so, I’m determined not to leave lockdown looking and feeling like it’s the middle of winter. Yes, my roots, brows and nails all need some professional attention, but one habit I’m keeping up is my morning dry-brush sessions. Once I’m out the shower, I’ve also been making sure to hydrate, and one of my favourite new options has been Beauty Laundrette’s Cotton Smooth Creamy Body Moisturiser. Lightweight, with a clean, soapy fragrance, it sinks into skin quickly, leaving me feeling hydrated rather than sticky. Perfect for daily use, the moisturiser has left my skin feeling soft all day long, and I’m obsessed with the super-clean scent. Even better? It’s super affordable, so I can be generous when I use it each morning.

Beauty Laundrette Cotton Smooth Creamy Body Moisturiser is priced at £6 and is available here.

The Hair Boss – The Double Mask*


If you’ve read here before, it’s no surprise to you that I’m using Lockdown as a bit of a re-set period. I’ve upped my skincare routine, and I haven’t touched my straighteners since March. Basically, I’m trying to introduce as many good habits now, so that when we go back to normal, I’ll not feel like the last few months have been an absolute write-off.


One of my favourite discoveries of late has been The Hair Boss collection – available in Superdrug, it’s affordable haircare which performs like premium-priced products. My main aim for my hair over the past few weeks, has been to get it as healthy as possible. Since it’s on the finer side, I need to wash it daily, but I’ve swapped my daily conditioner for The Hair Boss’ Double Hair Mask – a duo phase conditioner designed to instantly fix bleached, coloured, dry and damaged hair.


Packaged in two super-chic pink-topped jars, both products have been designed to be used together for ultimate hydration. After shampooing as normal, I squeeze out as much moisture as possible, then comb through a layer of Phase 1 root to tip. The first layer is a smooth, lightweight goop, which easily coats hair. If you’re just dealing with dry ends, or your hair just needs a little TLC, you can focus on ends, but I love how strong this has made my hair feel.


Next up is Phase 2, which feels more like a regular hair mask. Rich with a silky feel, I smooth a generous dollop over everything and then leave it to work its magic whilst I get on with the rest of my shower. The mask, like all Hair Boss products I’ve tried, smells absolutely incredible – really light and fresh, it’s such a treat to use, and it makes restoring hair health an absolute breeze.


The difference in my hair since using the duo has been pretty impressive. It’s so much smoother and shinier than before, and even when I’ve been enjoying walks along the beach, my hair hasn’t been getting as frizzy as it normally would. An absolute game-changer of a product – I’ve just bought my second duo of the pots!

The Hair Boss – The Double Hair Mask is priced at £19.99 and is available here


Rahua Color Full Hair Mask*


When it comes to places that I’m heading the moment lockdown lifts is the hairdresser. I was meant to go back in April for the works – cut, colour, treatment, but it wasn’t meant to be. I’m truly counting down the days until I can get back in the salon chair, but until then, the next best thing to a few hours spent grooming, is a weekly treatment with Rahua’s Colour Full Hair Mask.


Designed to protect coloured hair, and keep it looking salon-fresh, Rahua’s Colour Full Mask has been a once a week treat which has helped me feel human over the past couple of months of lockdown. With a formula designed to strengthen and protect hair, strands benefit from oils and clay which work together to make your colour look even better than it did when you strolled out the salon. Rahua Oil has super fine molecules which push colour pigmentation deep into hair shaft for colour endurance, whilst also fortifying weak, damaged strands. It also preserves scalp and hair follicle health so new growth comes in healthier than before. Morete is rich in essential fatty acids and carotenoids, including beta-carotene, it’s high in vitamins C and E which regulate the scalp and protects against environmental aggressors. Crucially for blondes, the formula also contains Amazonian Clay which reduces brassy tones – as someone who wants their hair as cool as possible, it’s a dream!


After cleansing with Rahua’s classic shampoo, I cover my hair root to tip with the mask. To let it get to work, I leave it in for at least 15 minutes, whilst I enjoy the glorious scent which comes courtesy of the Gardenia oil in the formula. My hair feels so soft and smooth after using the mask, and it’s a whole lot shinier too. Brassy tones are toned down, and my hair looks far fresher – exactly what I need since it’s going to be at least July until I can get my roots done!

Rahua Color Full Hair Mask is priced at £60 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

Foreo Luna 3*


Like most people, I’m using this period to ease up on my daily makeup routine. Gone are shadows, lotions and potions, and instead, I’m calling it a day with some skin tint and bronzer. I have had to add an additional daily SPF into my morning lineup, thanks to the incredible weather we’ve been enjoying, so I’ve had to step up my cleansing routine each evening.


Thanks to Foreo’s Luna 3, enjoying a thorough cleanse has never been easier. Linked to the Foreo app through my phone, the Luna deeply and effectively cleanses skin in only a minute or so. Using a mixture of high-tech T-Sonic pulsations and silicon bristles, the Luna gives treatment like you’d enjoy at your favourite spa. Perfect to use post-workout, or after a day in the sunshine, the Luna 3 reaches deep into pores to leave skin looking and feeling as fresh as possible.


With bristles 25% softer than previous models, the Foreo 3, and there are 16 different intensities to choose from, which means that no matter if your skin is sensitive or oily, you’ll be able to enjoy the best treatment for your skin type. Completely waterproof – I’ve got mine stashed in the bathroom, and I use it morning and night with my favourite foaming cleanser. A single charge gives you enough power for around 650 uses, so it’s perfect for popping in your suitcase (when we’re allowed to travel again).

Foreo Luna 3 is priced at £168 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

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