PUR Cosmetics Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick – About Last Night*


Do you ever sometimes get the urge to give your regular makeup looks a complete 180? Yep, me too. Especially now as we’re moving into spring, and leaving the dark nights and mornings behind us. So, when I was rummaging around in my stash and stumbled upon this beauty, I couldn’t resist debuting it on a recent night out.


I probably received this close to a year ago (oops … sorry Pur!) and it’s been in my meaning-to-try box ever since. I was never brave enough over Christmas to give it a whirl, but when I felt in need of a bit of an update, it felt perfect. A rich, dramatic colour, which made teeth look white and skin look tan – I’m not sure I could love this lipstick any more! The rich, mousse-y formula slips onto lips like a dream. It feels surprisingly lightweight, and it dries down to a vibrant, velvety matte finish. It’s an incredibly chic colour, and I love it worn with a minimal, dewey bronze look for spring.

Pur Cosmetics Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick is priced at £16 and is available here

Cloud 9 Skin Clearing Gel*


When it comes to beauty, skincare is always the most important step. No matter if you want to rock a smokey eye or statement lip, it’s never going to look better than when it’s paired with perfect skin. Since we have to deal with stress, hormones, and of course, the occasional evening out, keeping skin looking its best can be a challenge.


So, when I caught sight of Cloud 9’s Skin Clearing Gel, I jumped at the opportunity to give it a go. Packaged in a surprisingly large tube, this should last forever. Promising to soothe skin and cut down the redness associated with acne-prone skin, the Gel effectively combats spots without drying out or irritating skin. Instead, the Skin Clearing Gel works to promote skin cell renewal whilst also moisturising skin. This means that it won’t dry skin out or make it peel whilst combatting spots.


The joy of the Cloud 9 Skin Clearing Gel is that you can use it both day and night. If there is a breakout I’m fighting, before I apply my regular moisturiser, I tap a little of the gel onto problem areas, let it dry, then carry on as normal. The gel is completely invisible, and seems to reduce any inflammation as well as working to heal the outbreak. It’s a real must-have product to keep on hand for when your skin isn’t looking it’s best.

Cloud 9 Skin Clearing Gel is pried at £32 and is available here

Bioderma Sensibio H20*


When it comes to skincare, there are only a few brands which have reached cult status – among them is French pharmacy favourite Bioderma. Up until a few years back, you couldn’t get your hands on the stuff unless you travelled across the Channel. Happily though, internet shopping has stepped in, meaning that whenever you need a gentle but effective cleansing water, Bioderma Sensibio H2O is there.

One of the original Micellar Waters, it’s been formulated especially for dry and sensitive skin, it eradicates makeup without stripping skin. Since my skin needs to be squeaky clean each night, I tend to wash my face with a foaming cleanser, then use the Sensibio H20 to clean up every last scrap of makeup and day-to-day grime. It gets rid of my mascara and eye liners without stinging, and it leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O is priced from £8.10 and is available here.



When it comes to subscription boxes, it can sometimes feel like you’ve seen them all. After all, how many times can you get excited over a mini moisturiser (well, if you’re me, it’s actually quite a lot), but I’m always on the look out for something a little different. So when Brushbox got in touch, I jumped at the chance to try their dental-themed boxes.


Unlike some of the other boxes (Glossybox, I’m looking at you) Brushbox is small enough to whizz through the letterbox each month, which means you won’t need to traipse down to the post office if you’re out when it arrives. Instead you get to come home to a dinky little box, filled with all the dental goodies you’ll need for the month, and handily packaged up.


What I absolute love about the Brushbox is that they’ve thought of everything. Other than a bleaching strip or two, you’re pretty much guaranteed that you won’t need to reach for any other dental product than what’s in the box. When you sign up for Brushbox, it’s completely customisable – you select how many people will be using the box, if they’re an adult or a child, and even what your style is. The result? A bi-monthly box which will keep you well stocked up on dental goodies.


Each of the toothpaste tubes will last a normal person a month – fresh and minty, it’s been leaving me feeling fresh morning and night.


I received a bamboo brush, which is an extra 50p per box. Sustainable as well as chic, it’s everything you could ask for in a toothbrush.

If you’re in the mood to supercharge your Brushbox, you can add a tongue scraper, floss, or both! I had no idea how important tongue scrapers are, but apparently cleansing the tongue enhances the sense of taste, and because digestion begins with taste, this alone supports the entire digestive process!


Floss, is of course, crucial too! 50m of this minty version means that you’ll no longer have to lie to the dentist about how often you actually do it when they ask.

Brushbox is an absolute gem of a subscription – it’s both easy to order, wonderfully individual and it’s affordable too!

You can subscribe to Brushbox here.

Rodial Banana Lowlighter*


It’s a Monday morning, so obviously, I’m feeling in need of a little pick-me-up. So, on early mornings like this one, I’ve been relying on Rodial’s new Banana Lowlighter to hide any of the weekend’s indiscretions. It’s a multipurpose little product – not only does it hide any sort of eye baggage (which, let’s face it, feel unavoidable at the start of the week), but it also brings a healthy dose of radiance, without any sort of glimmer or glitter.


If you’re looking for a product to brighten, you can use the Banana Lowlighter under Rodial’s Banana Powder for added colour correction. It works to subtly colour-correct shadows – cancelling out the shadows and making you look wide awake. The formula is silky smooth, and it never creases or smears. Instead, it just leaves skin looking bright and radiant. In addition to using it under my eyes, I love it in the inner corners, around the nostrils and a little in the centre of the brow too – it adds a gorgeous hit of light, and it’s especially pretty when you’re wearing a smokier eye. It just lightens everything up, and makes you look lit from within. And really, what more can you want on a Monday!?

Rodial Banana Low Lighter is priced at £38 and is available here

Carmex x Skinny Dip London*


Apologies for the lack of posts recently. When I say I haven’t had a moment to think, let alone blog, I’m not exaggerating. A mix of a tonne of new and exciting work projects, a couple of opportunities to travel around the country and general life has left me with exactly zero time to myself. So, in something of a self-imposed crackdown (brought on by the snowstorms currently bashing the UK) I’ve finally logged back in, and I’m ready to go!


Rather conveniently, I wanted to share this incredible collaboration between Carmex and Skinnydip London. I’m not sure about you, but the moment the temperature drops, my lips get drier than normal, so a new lip balm which is as cute as this one feels like perfect timing. The limited edition unicorn gift set comes with perhaps the world’s best keyring as well as a limited edition Sugar Plum version of Carmex’s original formula. Sweet smelling and ultra hydrating, this is an absolute must-have for surviving any dips in temperature, and since the set is limited edition, if you fancy getting your hands on one, you’d better be quick!

Carmex Unicorn Gift Set is priced at £10.99 and is available here

Rodial Instglam Compact Deluxe Highlighting Gold Powder 07*


When it comes to makeup, this time of year always feels a bit ‘meh’. I’m over the dramatic deep berries of winter, and long for the subtle pinks of spring, but since I live in Edinburgh, the temperatures are still hovering right around the zero mark, and it feels like we get about three full hours of sunlight each day.


But despite feeling like I’m living in the tundra at the moment, Rodial has brought a jolt of summer glamour to my beauty table with the arrival of their Instagram Compact Deluxe Highlighting Gold Powder 07. Why summer? Because this highlighter was made for tan skin! On my current Casper-esque complexion it shows up as golden beams, on deeper tones it absolutely comes alive!


Thanks to the buttery formula, the powder melts into skin, leaving behind a subtle glow, which can be built up to create a mega-watt shine. When light hits the powder it glistens and glisters rather than sparkles, faking the much sought after ‘green juice’ glow. It’s absolutely stunning for night – dusted along the clavicles and shoulders, it makes skin look like it’s lit from within, and the powder is incredibly long wearing. It never turns chalky or dry looking.


Instead, it just melts into skin, giving a sheen which lasts all day long. The formula is incredibly luxurious – it contains crushed pearls for luminosity, and I’m just obsessed with the glamorous compact, which snaps shut with a satisfying click. Since I’m paper-white at the moment, it’s a touch too warm to use everyday as a highlighter, so I’ve been buffing it into lids for a beautifully subtle shadow whilst I wait for a summer tan.

Rodial Instglam Compact Deluxe Highlighting Gold Powder 07 is priced at £52 and is available here.

Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Lipsticks*


When Fenty Beauty launched late last year, I found myself way more into it than I would have previously mentioned. I mean, my favoured shades of nude and blush makeup aren’t exactly in line with Rihanna’s megawatt style. Even so, I found myself falling in love with the buttery highlighters, shimmery eye shadows and glittering lip-glosses. The newest products in the line up are the Mattemoiselle lipsticks. With 14 shades to choose from, and some dramatic options to play with, they’re an exciting launch.


I was kindly sent over a cross selection of the shade range, and I’ve been incredibly impressed. The colour selection is exciting, and like nothing else I’ve seen in premium offerings, and I just love the chic rose gold packaging. The lipsticks are also small enough to tuck into the smallest pouches – ideal for nighttime touch ups!


The first of the shades I tried was One of the Boyz. Described by the brand as a ‘wild lilac’ and apparently named for Katy Perry, this is one dramatic colour. It pairs surprisingly well with a glowy complexion and lashings of mascara. Application-wise it’s a dream – smooth and creamy to apply and opaque in a single swipe, I also have been playing around with this shade blotted on for a more everyday take on the colour.


One of the strengths in the Fenty line is the wide range of colourings which it caters to. It’s not a brand which pumps out the same shades season after seaon, and one of the most interesting shades is Freckle Fiesta. It feels like the dream shade for anyone with auburn hair thanks to it’s rich, rusty orange undertones. A real amplified neutral, it would also work beautifully on those with rich, warmer skin tones.


PMS has to win the award for the cheekiest lipstick name ever! A rich, true chocolate brown, it’s a surprisingly wearable shade, which can be patted on for a nineties look during the day, or amped up at night for a beautifully sophisticated chocolate pout. I imagine this will also be a godsend for those with deep skin tones looks for an everyday neutral lipstick. It swipes on to give an opaque pout in a sing stroke, and feels beautifully velvety on the lips.


Last up is Midnight Wasabi, possibly the most hyped colour in the line up. I don’t think I’ve ever actually tried a green lipstick before, and although it’s not a shade I’ll be reaching for before I head into the office in the morning, I do think it is a fun addition to the line up. The Mattemoiselles don’t just stop at green and lilac though, there are even navy and periwinkle blues to play around with!


Rihanna has stated that the Mattemoiselle collection was designed to have a shade for everyone, and I think it’s true! There is a great balance between neutrals, fun pops of colour and out-there choices, and they’re pretty enough that you’re going to want to collect them all!

Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Lipsticks are priced at £16 each and are available here (UK) and here (US)

Omorovicza Glam Glow*


At this time of year, summer can feel like a long way off. I’m not sure about you, but between early mornings, late nights and rushed lunches, I feel like I don’t see the sun from one weekend to the next (living in Edinburgh doesn’t really help matters either). So, in an attempt to fake a healthy glow, I’ve been turning to Omorovicza’s Glam Glow, a gradual tanning product which can be used on both face and body.


Packaged with the brand’s signature chic logo, Glam Glow is one of those rare self-tanners which feels like you could use blindfolded. After a thorough body brushing session, Glam Glow can be applied like a moisturiser all over the body. The formula contains apple pectin and plum almond oil to hydrate and tone skin, whilst the tan leaves a believable bronze glow behind. It’s easy to maintain the Glam Glow – depending on how dark you’d like the colouring to be, you simply need to reapply. I prefer to use the cream once every three or four days – just so I’m not tanned exactly, just not super pale.

The Glam Glow is a wonderfully subtle product, and I’ve managed not to have to deal with any streaks, smears or smudges either. I tend to buff my skin daily, so it doesn’t collect in elbows or knuckles. Instead it’s a genius little product which makes to you like you’ve spent the weekend somewhere exotic!

Omorovicza Glam Glow is priced at £35 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

Starskin Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Face Mask*


Whenever I travel, I feel like my face takes a battering. No matter if it’s a quick jaunt in the car, or something longer-haul. By the time I get to the hotel room, I want to start exfoliating and moisturizing asap! Since hotel rooms also tend to feel like they’re 100 degrees, I’m always on the hunt for products which will calm and nourish skin.

So, when Starskin’s Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Face Mask popped through the door a few weeks before travelling down south, it felt like fate. I popped it into my cabin case, and looked forward to trying it York – and I’m so glad I did! Packaged in the brand’s signature sleeve, Starskin’s masks are incredibly travel friendly, and they hardly take up any room in my makeup bag.


I popped mine on in the evening, after cleansing, and It was such a treat. Unlike some sheet masks which are made of a light cotton, Starskin’s are made with bio-cellulose, which feels like a cooling jelly to apply. The texture also adheres well to the face, so it doesn’t hang or slide off awkwardly if you want to read whilst wearing it.

Since I had slapped mine on post-supper, I headed to bed wearing mine (after making sure I had squeezed out the excess serum, and applied it to my chest and arms), and I have to say, I’ve been so pleased with the results! I woke up in the tmorning with skin which felt soft and smooth, and there was not a hint of dryness. It also felt that my skin looked more even toned, so all I needed to so was pop a little tinted moisturiser and bronzer on before heading out for the day!

Starskin Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Face Mask is priced a £8.50 each and is available here

Hempz Sweet Pineapple & Honey Melon Bath & Body Oil*


We might still be bang slap in the middle of winter … I mean, I’ve been battling through snow for the past week! But spring and summer are getting surprisingly close. I didn’t really realise quite how close, but then I was booking a spring break, and realised I’ve got under 8 weeks to go! So, in an effort to feel like spring is round the corner, I’ve been loving the addition of Hempz Sweet Pineapple & Honey Melon Bath & Body Oil.

The oil itself just smells like summer – all sweet and fruity. So if you’re in the mood to ditch the deep and moody fragrances of winter, this is the one for you! Not only is the scent dreamy though, it’s also an absolute life saver for winter-ravaged skin. It’s supremely hydrating thanks to it being 100% Natural Hemp Seed Oil, so if your elbows and knees are feeling more than a little neglected, this is a quick fix.

For all of it’s hydration, it’s surprisingly lightweight, and doesn’t leave skin feeling sticky or greasy. Instead it sinks in almost immediately, so it’s a great option if you need to slap some on in the mornings.

Hempz Sweet Pineapple & Honey Melon Bath & Body Oil is priced at £19.96 and is available here