Now that the Edinburgh Festival has fully kicked off, if you’re visiting Edinburgh, you’re going to be looking for the best places to eat, drink and to stay. The Principal George Street Hotel should be a must-visit if you’re new in town – located right in the heart of the action, it’s newly renovated, and is one of the city’s most elegant spots.


The Printing Press is the hotel’s restaurant, and serves up everything from breakfast to cocktails with everything in between, and it’s a fabulous little spot if you’re looking for an intimate meal in the capital. Snuggled into velvet booths, I love the old school feel of the restaurant, and when the opportunity to enjoy their new menu popped up, I couldn’t resist!


With a focus on seasonal, local produce, there was a whole lot to decide on. So we did the right thing, and popped open a bottle of Vaporetto Prosecco (£30). Served icy cold, complete with a raspberry in each of our glasses, it was a perfect choice – full of lively little bubbles and with a soft lemon and pear fruit palate, it felt like the perfect accompaniment for a summer supper.


Suitably fizzed up, neither of us could resist plumping for the Hand-dived scallops, carrot remoulade, basil and lemon butter (£12).

With seared edges and a pearlescent centres, the scallops were an absolute treat. Served alongside a crisp and crunchy carrot remoulade, this was truly summer on a plate.


Since there’s nothing which quite beats a good steak – we couldn’t resist the Sirloin Steak (£26) which came serves with chips and a choice of sauce (we opted for bernaise). The Printing Press only serve up certified, grass-fed Tweed Valley Scotch beef, with steaks aged for a minimum of 28 days, so you know it’s got to be good!

fullsizeoutput_1f50And it absolutely was! Cooked to rare perfection, the steak melted in the mouth, and had a fabulous meaty flavour. The bernaise sauce was rich, and the chips were served up piping hot and perfectly crisp.


I couldn’t resist the Dry-aged Tweed Valley beef burger, cheese in a sesame bun with chips (£15.50). When we were down at the Principal Hotel in York (full review here) we had indulged in a room-service supper of burgers, and I’d been aching for one since.

Again, the beef is Certified, grass-fed Tweed Valley Scotch beef, and it has to be the best burger in Edinburgh! Again, served with the Printing Press’ moreish fries, this took comfort food to a whole new level!

To enjoy alongside our mains, we couldn’t resist giving a couple of sides a go! We couldn’t resist a classic Rocket and Parmesan salad (£3.50), which was wonderfully fresh and peppery, whilst the Tarragon-braised leeks (£3.50) were a completely new experience. The tarragon give the leeks a hit of liquorice, and they were a delicious, unusual accompaniment to our meals.

After a pause to enjoy some more of our Prosecco, it was time for dessert – i.e. the hardest decision of the evening, because everything on the menu sounds like an absolute dream. The first one we chose was the Duck egg custard tart, rhubarb, white chocolate ice cream (£7.50) which was a study in rich, custard-y perfection. Rich, unctions and completely indulgent, the cooked rhubarb cut through wonderfully.


I couldn’t resist ordering the Strawberry panna cotta, balsamic marshmallow, strawberry sorbet (£7.50) which has to be Edinburgh’s prettiest plate of food. Between the edible flowers, clouds of meringue and chewy home-made marshmallows, this not only looked incredible, but tasted pretty special too.

The block of strawberry panna cotta tasted like the most wonderful strawberry milkshake you can imagine, and when paired with the slightly bitter balsamic marshmallows, it was summer on a plate. The strawberry sorbet was absolutely incredible too – wonderfully fresh and full of fruity flavour.

Thank you so much to The Printing Press for having us! Dinner was absolutely incredible! You can find out more about The Printing Press here.



When it comes to skincare, I’m all about keeping things moisturised. Naturally I have quite dry skin, which can also be quite sensitised, so I’m always on the lookout for products which soothe and hydrate skin without irritating or overwhelming my skin. Night creams can be a bit hit-or-miss, so I’m always on the lookout for a new favourite.


When I visited the most recent Zen Lifestyle event (which you can read about here) I was very kindly sent home with an incredibly generous goody bag, inside of which I found Murad’s Essential-C Night Moisture, and I’ve been using it pretty much nightly ever since! Smoothed onto freshly cleansed skin, the Night Moisture feels wonderfully nourishing without overwhelming skin. The formula contains vitamins A, C and E which encourage cell turnover to improve skin firmness, and the patented Skin Repair System increases skin elasticity and skin firmness whilst encouraging collagen production and healthy cell renewal which help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Murad Essential-C Night Moisture is priced at £65 and is available from Zen Lifestyle Spas in Edinburgh, as well as here (UK) and here (US)


By this point in summer, it feels almost impossible not to have caught even a little sunshine. Freckles appear and skin starts to glow, and personally, I don’t think anyone looks better than with a healthy flush of colour.

fullsizeoutput_1f34Along with summer beauty come summer habits – when it’s hot outside, I don’t want to be wearing a 10-step beauty regime. Instead, I cut everything down to basics, most of which I can apply with my fingers, which is where my Winky Lux Strobing Highlight Balm in Radiant Pink comes in.


Packaged in a dinky little white compact, complete with interior mirror, the Winky Lux Strobing Highlight Balm is perfect if you’re after a subtle summer glow. Available in both a clear, and this pearled pink shade, the Strobing cream is a multi-use product which I’ve been reaching for on a daily basis.


Swirled around with my fingers, I love patting a little of the strobing balm into my cheek and brow bones. It gives skin a believable glow, and rather than looking metallic or shimmery, this just gives shine. I adore it used as a subtle eye gloss too – smoothed over the lid, it gives a pretty radiance to eyes, which, when paired with a lengthening mascara, makes eyes look wide awake. I also dot a little on the bridge of my nose to bring a little light into the centre of my face. It’s a gorgeous product, which  is the perfect finishing touch to all of your summer beauty looks!

Winky Lux Strobing Highlight Balm in Radiant Pink is priced at £16.00 and is available here


When it comes to makeup, I’ve been feeling like less is more recently. I’m not sure if it’s the hotter temperatures, or I’m just getting a little lazier in the mornings, but being able to slap on some skin tint (this one) touch up with a little concealer and finish everything off with a swipe of bronzer just feels right.

So, in an attempt to keep things as simple as possible, I’ve been turning up my skincare, so I can use as little makeup each morning as humanly possible. Every few nights I throw on a facemask to address any issues my skin is dealing with. On days when I’ve felt a bit congested, I’ve been using Nugg’s Detoxifying Face Mask. As with all of this brand’s masks, it comes in a simple single use pot. I love this, as it gives a generous dose of product, which stays fresh. With Nugg, you’re never going to go to use a mask, just to find a dried out tube waiting for you.

The Detoxifying Mask is perfect for oily skin types, or on days when you just want an uber thorough cleanse. Smoothed onto clean, damp skin the mask has an almost jelly-like consistency, and is completely black thanks to the charcoal in the formula. There is also kaolin clay in there to soak up any extra oil, so not only does it clean out your skin, it leaves it looking perfectly matte, even after a day or so.

Nugg Detoxifying Mask is £3.99 and is available here.


One of the very best things about having a blog, has to be all the fun discoveries you make along the way. Yes, there is all the drama about Instagram algorithms, making sure you’re the right side of disclosures and keeping up with what’s new, but I’m not sure anything quite beats finding a great new brand from halfway across the world. Case in point – the Lip Macaron from Australian favourite beauty brand MOR.


Packaged in a dinky little blue tin, the Sorbet Lip Macaron looks adorable. I love the golden accents across the lid, and it slips into my handbag and makeup bag with ease. Happily, the formula is as great as the packaging! The balm is rich in Shea Butter, Lanolin, Vitamins A & C and rich in Omega 3, 6 & 9 to prevent premature ageing – perfect for maintaining your pout!


On the lips, the balm feels light and soothing, and to keep hydration levels high, the balm also features Castor Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil and Papaya Seed Oil. The result is a balm which delivers a real dose of moisture, and it primes lips for bright lipsticks perfectly too!

MOR Lip Macaron in Sorbet is priced at £6 and is available here